Friday, January 13, 2012

A Day Out

Last year our local home education group had a trip lined up to go to the science museum before the museum moved across town. We were psyched and ready to go try our hand at learning about the world of spies! My kids were running on high for a week leading up to this outing, and then the morning came and Jayden was sick! I'm not talking a few sniffles, I'm talking a "two ton headache" in his words.

He cried when he tried to sit up that morning. Walking from his room to the table was completely out. It took us ten minutes to get him in an upright position and calm him down so we could give him some medicine. When I had to break the news to them that we weren't going to the museum, there were more tears.

So we decided we'd go later in the year before the exhibit was taken down. In November a cousin came into town and I told the three boys I'd take them to the museum. We set the date, but the day before we were suppose to go our card broke down going 110 on the highway. It was an interesting experience only trumped by my poor bil who got stuck coming back to a house that was in dire need of groceries and had to attempt to feed three starving boys who were dead set on having chocolate cream pie. Needless to say, there was much disappointment over not going to the museum because I didn't think the kids were up for the hour walk across town!

The Monday after we officially finished school we were going to go again, but as you've probably guessed something else came up and we couldn't make it! We were beyond frustrated at this point and never made it until the schools were officially out as well. Not a huge deal, we had the science museum to ourselves.. yeah, the spy exhibit had been taken down after hours the night before! We'd missed it by 1 day. I think I was more upset then the kids were. Unfortunately, I think our museum was the very last one to get the exhibit so we can't even hit another museum to check it out either!!

The museum was in the process of setting up whatever was coming next, which I believe is a "lay-over" exhibit, small bits and pieces from many they've had over the years as they prepare for something new to come. It was pretty empty, but the guy in charge encouraged the boys to come in anyway and go to town with whatever they wanted. He told them to go ahead and put the igloo together, and they didn't waste a moment taking him up on that offer.

The director then pulled a bench up for me to sit on, perhaps I looked tired. So I sat there, to please him, and let the boys work methodically in putting the igloo back together with the help of a few pesky penguins. The boys actually discussed the situation together and decided the best thing to do was to put the blocks of "ice" in piles according to their numbers to make assembly easier.

Mamma penguin joined me, but I admit her chick stole the show. We actually had one of these chinstrap penguins wash up on the beach by our old house before. It was the one day I didn't have the camera with me too. There was much shock over the entire situation, but by the time I dragged the boys back down the tide had pulled it out.

Seriously adorable though, right? The boys managed to reassemble the igloo and only had to back up slightly when they had a few "ice blocks" that weren't sitting on it right thus causing the last few pieces not to go back together right.

After we checked out all the maps, because honestly there was very little else to do, we tried on costumes. Morgan wouldn't put the belly of that dinosaur costume on, but Jayden had the whole ensemble on much to the delight of the half dozen people putting up the new exhibits. After that we moved around the hall to Jungle Gyms. Did you know that they are now in the same building? Along with a new rock climbing wall & a laser tag game. Jungle Gyms was horribly hot and stuffy and by the time their lunch arrived they were ready to go home. Here's hoping the next exhibit is really good and we actually make it on time!

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