Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day At The Beach

Last week the boys and I decided it was time to check another item off our Summer Bucket List, so we ran around in a flurry of excitement and packed up to spend the day at the beach. We took our quilt, snacks, books, boogie boards, & our hover craft. It's seriously fun, and if you ever have the opportunity to use one you should!

Despite the picture, the water was relatively calm and still. Which was nice, but we prefer to ride the waves. We go out as far as the kids can swim and then jump on the boards when a wave comes our way and ride it back to shore. This day we spent more time learning the "proper way to effectively splash people" & throwing Mermaid Hair at each other {seaweed}.

I flipped my board flower side up because a stinking saw fly was after me. I was trying to distract it long enough to squash it. Mission accomplished, & I knocked out a few of her fellow companions. Yeah, we had a quick science lesson on the beach that A, saw flies that cut us are female, and B, saw flies hurt because they don't have a needle nose like a mossie, instead they have a serrated beak. And frankly, knowing that makes it hurt even more!

The seagulls came to visit us as soon as we pulled out the watermelon. I refused to share on principle that they didn't eat the saw flies that kept trying to eat me! The Seagulls were unimpressed and screamed at me, so I screamed back and they flew away. My children found it funny, most likely because we were the only persons on this particular strip of beach.

Around the time Mr S was suppose to meet us at the beach the boys decided to build a sandcastle to knock off yet another bucket list item. They wanted a massive moat though and got really carried away digging the whole end dug so deep they hit water which caused a lot of laughter amongst them.

Morgan used the sand from the hole they dug to make this large lego head man. He was about to add facial features to it when I jumped up screaming, "Save our stuff!!" We'd waited about two minutes too long to move closer to shore and the incoming tide hit our quilt which had books upon it at the time. There was a quick mad scramble as we moved managing to keep everything but the quilt dry.

It was a beautiful day, and we quite enjoyed ourselves even if we didn't get much wave riding in. We're looking forward to spending an entire weekend, soonish, at the beach on our next camping event of the summer.

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Kylie said...

oh the beach....we've had so much rain here these past few weeks we have nearly forgotten what it looks like. I have to keep looking at our holiday posts to remind me ;-)