Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Computer Malfunction

Last week, after checking various things on the internet I felt something on the base of my computer and upon flipping it over found the the rubber on the bottom of my Macbook was warped and melted.

I sent Mr S some nifty pictures via my mobile phone & his reply was rather expected: "What happened??!!" Of course I had absolutely no idea, & still don't! The next question was, "Are you okay?" Because, of course the term melted implies that one has been burnt.

I was not burnt however which is the oddest part about the entire situation. I then rang Apple Australia to find out what my next move was and, after spending five minutes convincing the woman I was no way harmed, it was just the computer and I needed it fixed pronto because my recipes, school plans, writings, and a billion other things are all inside of it! After another five minutes she told me I could take it to a place reasonably local & then attempted to give me instructions by saying silly things like, "It's by the lighthouse."

To which I really wanted to say, "No, it's not by a lighthouse, it's by the ANZAC clock, across from the vets office, & directly next door to the Footy shop." Instead, I told her not to fuss I knew exactly where it was and that I'd take it over that day. And I did. They assured me it would be a really quick turn around and the logest part would be awaiting Apple sending them the rubber base.

I was also, once again, asked if I was okay. Then, once we sorted out the case # one very charming and helpful little boy scribbled out on my paper {he saw me writing more and didn't want me to get mixed up.. he saw the error of his way when the color clearly left my face and I wailed, "Oh no that was the most important thing on my paper! He also hid in the corner of the shop near the cases for fear they'd guess he was the child who scribbled it out!}  I was once again informed that this was a quick turn around, and further more it was very common in the white Macbooks.

However, once they flipped mine over there were shocked at how bad it was. Apparently while it's normal for the rubber to come away it's not normal to bubble up as much as it did. Unfortunately their, "quick turn around time" has gone as long as six days and counting. Here's hoping that when I finally have a computer again it doesn't have a huge bubble on the bottom of it.


Ruthanne said...

Wow, are you ok?!! :)

The Zookeeper said...

Wow interesting!!!!!! XOXO