Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Goodies Part Two

Morgan wanted to make some goodies for Christmas as well, & his idea was chocolate covered pretzels. He fondly remembers buying Flipz at times in the shops in the states, something you can't do here. However, he's fully aware you can make your own.

Personally, I prefer to do pretzels rods, but you can't get the nice big pretzels rods here. So we went for the normal pretzels shape.

It's a relatively easy thing to do, all though quite messy unless you're using the rods. Unfortunately, this recipe contains typical forms of cane sugar, but you can easily substitute the regular sugar for either your favorite sugar-free chocolate or unsweetened chocolate sweetened up with your favorite sweetener.  We went with Cadbury Dark Chocolate as these were mainly for giving away.

I had him melt his chocolate in the microwave, which is much quicker. I think, though, that you get a runnier chocolate if you do it on the stove top.. I might be wrong, but it's my theory and I'm sticking with it! After melting the chocolate we mixed in half the packet of pretzels gently folded them in the chocolate and then plucked out the pretzels one by one and laid them on baking sheets coated with baking paper. A bit tedious, but we didn't want them all stuck together in one solid lump!

We melted a small bit of white chocolate and he drizzled it over his many trays of chocolate covered pretzels. {He works much better with crowded counter tops then I do!} After that he played musical baking trays in the freezer space we had. We'd put one in each freezer and leave them there for about 5-10 minutes. Just long enough to solidify the white chocolate which was taking forever in the heat we had that day!

Tada, they look a bit wiggy here, but once you pull them off the sheets and drop them in containers they look very pretty! I gave him some paper sandwich bags {Aussie style} with a plastic bag lining it {incase the receiver let the chocolate melt I figured it would be easier to get the chocolate off the plastic then the paper}. He filled two different bags up & had enough left over to share amongst all of us!

A finished parcel. We folded the end over and he used some Christmas tape we had on hand to seal it off. Then we put initials, in tape, on the bag so he knew which one to give to which family member. We had an N for Nana and an M for an Uncle. There's rumours of making more when we get together with cousins. If you're living in a warm area I'd store them in the fridge just to be safe!

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