Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Eve {2011} In Pictures

Christmas Eve can be one of the roughest days with the excitement of the boys at an all time high, so it's been traditional when we celebrate Christmas at our house to keep the boys really busy on Christmas Eve. Finish off last minute gifts for people.. special dinner and a movie, open an early Christmas present & then to spend the evening as soon as the sun starts setting admiring Christmas lights. We usually get home well after bedtime and the kids gleefully climb into bed with the knowledge that if they sleep too long I'll pry them out of the bed when my eyes flutter open.. except most of the time I rarely sleep on Christmas Eve because I can't wait to see the kids open their stuff in the morning!

We use to live on the same road as this house, and we'd gleefully watch from November onward as the family would set up one or two items until low and behold they were all up! One day on our walk the fellow switched it all on in the middle of the day for us. If the kids lost track of how many days until Christmas they'd ask to walk past the house. We could even see this place from our second story. Therefore it was no surprise that it was top most on our houses to go check out!

One of the new items was this picture prop! None of us hesitated to jump behind it and have our photo taken, all though it was down low for children and my knee nearly went out when it was my turn.

Nana sat on the Christmas Throne instead. Each year the current year is on a laminated sheet above this chair so when you look back over your pictures you'll know which year your photo was taken in. This couple really go all out!

This is the entrance to the front of their house!! Basically from November through December they can't use it. The boys adore seeing the Christmas tree they set up each year, and somewhere in a storage unit in the US, we actually own one of those funny little snowmen!

This jolly Santa Clause talks to you. Not in the normal way, but the fellow who lives here will hide back somewhere and speak through a pipe that makes it look like Santa is talking. It's always so much fun to see newcomers jump back in shock that Santa not only spoke to them but could answer their questions!

These fellow sing and dance in unison, and as you can see the new marketing scheme by the Coke-A-Cola company paid off! Comet and Prance had their own cans incase they felt a little run down after a night of singing carols to the neighborhood! There's even a beautiful Nativity set up each year, in fact the stable stays up year round. In fact it's the first part of the display the boys and I check out each year, and I love their adoration at seeing the inclusion of wisemen this year. However, Mr S was in charge of the camera and he took great liberties while we were busy caught up looking at that part of the display to take photos of the rest of it, and it appears we missed out on the nativity section!

Next it was off to town to check out the various business displays. Most weren't that great at night to be honest, but one lone restaurant  had a beautiful Christmas Village lit up and on display. The boys ooed and ahhed over every little piece and the longer we stayed the more we saw.

Their nativity was absolutely beautiful. All though the freaky deer in the background was a tad weird!

We stopped by several more spots on the way home closer to our own neighborhood and one that we can see from the lounge room window of our new home. Then the boys trundled off to bed so I could fill stockings up, all though the boys filled mine {snowman} before trundling off to bed. I was delighted to see the pomegranate in there! Mind you I told them for about a month I had hoped to find one in my stocking for Christmas..

Then I moved furniture so that we could get around the gifts in the morning, and moved the big ones from behind the curtain to under the tree. Bet you'll never guess what's in those large packages under the tree! The snowman bag has Jayden's homemade Bubble Kit in it, the golden wrapped one has Super Farmer in it, the box with the green bow is a cornflake box we emptied out to wrap up a video game in. Mr S seriously thought we'd tricked him with a whole box of cornflakes chuckled and said, "Nice one guys!" and laid it aside. We had to insist he open the box of cornflakes for a prize inside! As for that other giant oddly wrapped package. It has a miniature coffee cup in it. That's right, it holds less then 1/4 cup of liquids. Morgan really wanted to trick Mr S and he pulled that one off!

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