Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 School Planner..

I decided the new school year called for a new planner. I know we shared a terrific one last year and we fully enjoyed using it the past year and a half, but I like to change things up every now and again.

So, I decided to create a really simple planner for the new school year this summer. I made a really simple cover as well & then used our binding machine to bind the whole thing together. I went with spiral binding because I'm really low on the click binders and don't have the right size for such a large book anyway.

It really was a simple thing to put together, except that I ran out of ink and had to dash out for more. Then, when I got the whole thing bound up I realized I'd forgotten to print on the backside of a few pages. I still need to remove the binding and reprint those pages, but our printed decided it hated the new ink cartridge and I'm waiting for the replacement one to show up in the mail courtesy of Epson.

The actual cover is just a tree and the year on it. Nothing fancy at all. I'm thinking of using our planner as our journal this year to see how that goes after reading a really interesting article here about planning. We'll see how we like it compared to our normal journal.

The fanciest part of this planner is the table of contents which I made just for fun. All though, I think in the end, I have a few page numbers off, but since I didn't number the pages inside I don't think it really matters. I even cheated this year and snagged a freebie calendar. There's many to be had, but I liked this one.

I included our annual checklist of things the boys will aim to accomplish. Honestly, some of it I know for a fact we will most likely not get to {like ancients in regards to history because we're focusing mainly on US history this year}, but that's okay I put it on the list anyway. Each boy has one page, front and back, that we tick off as we go along. We create our lists from this book.

I included another set of read aloud lists too. We generally have 3 tentative lists each year. One is for audio books, one is for Aussie read alouds, & the final list is just general read alouds or ones that are included with our curriculum for the year. I often have a list of books I want to read to the kids. I divide it up between audio and read aloud based on what I own and what I can obtain easily. Our Aussie list is often left blank and is filled in as we read over the year. We may pick books that are classics here, something fun we find at the library, or books that are truly Australian but fit into the time period we are currently learning about.

I also have a monthly calendar in there, again I cheated and used someone elses. I really wanted to use the ones put out by Anything But Perfect because I really loved the color and cuteness, but it wasn't to be. She wasn't done with the years worth and I really needed to get mine bound up, plus I really wanted portrait view not landscape, so I went with these instead.

I don't know about your house, but in our house the #1 time killer on a school day around here is lunch time. Seriously, what's up with that? If I plan leftovers you can bet someone ate them without my knowledge. If I plan sandwiches you can be sure we're out of bread. If I plan nothing children revolt. I just can't win! So, I was delighted to have this little planner to jot down a months worth of lunches. Weird, maybe but I'm hoping to stock the freezer monthly with lunches incase we're mysteriously out of bread or leftovers. It was a freebie from here.

This school year we'll be using Sonlight Core E, and I decide to go with a planner page the reflects the Sonlight Schedule pages in the cores. I know that might seem a little silly because I'll have that plan to follow, but we have a vast amount of other topics to cover in a week. On top of that if we're using our planner as our journal then it's equally important that everything is jotted down in one place.

Each planning page has a front and a back. I've put one page in per week per student to keep track of each child's individual accomplishments. I probably didn't need to go to that extent because in general my boys do the same level/subjects for everything but math and language arts, but I really felt their own personal records was important. We'll see how it all goes for us this year.

You've probably all ready noticed, but I'm a planner. So I included a page for any notes I have for each child for next year's school. If I come across a book or bit of curriculum I think will better suit a child I now have the space to make a note of it so as we get closer to the time for ordering new school stuff I can actually remember what I needed. On the backside of this page is a book wish list, which is basically a lined page with Book Wish List written across the top. Again, just a spot to jot down books as we stumble across them.

Gotta love the title on these blank note pages. Seriously, every time I see "& other important things" I laugh. I need blank space to keep track of things. Ideas I stumble upon, those last minute ideas you get that you must write somewhere where it won't get lost, & stuff like that. Yeah, some of these pages are all ready being filled up with things like that..

I stumbled up this Reading Response Journal some time ago and wanted to pop it in my notebook instead of making it a notebook for the kids. I thought the prompts would make great discussion points as we read our books Sonlight books this year, they'd also give me great ideas for questions to ask my kids about the books they are reading, & they just make general great starting points for narration ideas. It's a free download from here.


Rachel said...

Did you create the lists and read alouds and checklists and grids yourself? I like this plain format.

Did you make this with the proclick?

Ingi Mc said...

Wow- you are a planner! I spent some time over the summer getting my head around syllabus outcomes - although we are tending to unschool, I like to have an idea of the sort of things they should be covering.

I am debating whether to get a diary this year or just record what we do every day under KLA headings.

I want to do more writing this year - critical reviews of reading - so those reading prompts were very helpful!!! Thanks :-)

alecat said...

Great job!
I love how you've listed all the SL readers .. fantastic idea!

Kendra said...

Rachel, yes I created the lists, grids, and checklists my self. The checklists are specific to each child's grade, basically what they'd learn if they were in a US public learning institution. I have a review of the book I use for this coming up over on The Curriculum Choice.. Yes, I used the proclick to make it except that I used spiral binding instead of the typical "snap" binding. You can easy peasy twist spiral binding in. :D

Ingi, the checklist is basically our syllabus of what my kids would learn if they were in school. All though I don't have a guideline for Tassie schools so I use a US based guideline. It gives us something to work towards! I know there are things we will not achieve on it, but it doesn't bug me because after about 3rd or 4th grade it all repeats itself perhaps a little more in depth as they go along. I think as my guys get older I become a wee bit more rigid in what they learn, where as when they were younger I was much loser.. it's funny because many homeschoolers I know are the complete opposite! Maybe it's my freaking out nature of highschool barreling down upon us with our eldest!!

Ale, yes!! I did stick all the SL read alouds & readers on there!! :D I often use the readers as read alouds too because we're using the LA section of SL and I have them use THOSE as their readers {I'm not using ones that match the core we are in} plus I like to keep a tub, per child, of books I'd like them to read over the year. I suppose I really SHOULD keep a list for them, BUT because I jot all that down under reading it'd probably be more redundant then not, kwim?