Monday, January 2, 2012

2011/12 NewYears Eve & Day In Pictures

We did our annual count down bags again.
Bag #1 was Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Fudgsicles, they were so tasty!
Mixing up donuts for his new donut machine; he loves to cook and does very well with it!
Mr S couldn't resist snapping this photo, think he had too much flour on his hands?
Bag #2 was make donuts for the new machine; They got a so-so rating compared to our once a year yeasted ones.
They looked nice though! We rolled them in Xylitol & cinnamon
Mr Potato Head made a few appearances throughout the night.. Bag #3 was a board game we never got to, Bag #4 was pizza and a video; Bag #5 was Wii time, 
Bag #6 was head into town for a 9:30 firework show. All the glowing lights there were floating lanterns that took to the sea as the tide came in, the picture doesn't do it justice.
The fireworks were slightly delayed, but we enjoyed watching the ferry run; it ran until 1230 am!
Then the sky lit up, one loved them, one hated the noise; &  if you know the boys you will guess the wrong way round!
They were gorgeous, but then it's been about 5+ years since we've seen a firework show..
So great seeing them over the water too
Extra Large party poppers, they were soooo cool! You just pushed the button on the side and they burst open with heaps of fun confetti and curly ribbon. The backyard never saw it coming..
 Nana did a medium one, all the shine is the fun stuff inside! Very cool they were!
Our last back had sparklers as well as the crazy huge party poppers in it. The guys went crazy with them.
Happy New Year!!
We had our annual New Year pancakes on New Year's Day for breakfast.

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