Sunday, December 11, 2011

Summer Fun Ahead

We'll have plenty of non "formal" school time to fill if we take a summer break this year, and a great way to fill it was to ask the kids for some things they wanted to do this summer. Of course, I knew swimming and hanging at the beach would be pretty high on their list, but there were also a few requests that surprised me. For instance, Jayden's goal for the summer was for Mom to read him the rest of his Spy Dog books. The child can read like you wouldn't believe, but still prefers me to read chapter books to him. I'm cool with that and look forward to finding out about L.A.R.A.'s next adventures.

Morgan decided he'd love for me to read the second Harry Potter book to him. He too can read very well, but prefers to hear me read to him. Frankly, I think Jim Dale does an amazing job with these books as audios, but I don't mind indulging my kids either.

Of course I participated in things on the list from practical like having the boys read a book each day {I'm planning on setting up our own home summer reading programme as the one at the library here is a wee bit flaky..} & the Learn Something new today. I'm debating working through an art book with them, but we might swap it for science so to keep the path open I made it vauge. Who knows, it might turn out to be something totally different then either of those!

Both boys have been dying to learn how to whistle very loudly with your fingers in your mouth. It's something I've never been able to conquer but can kill ear drums with a normal whistle. Needless to say we're determined to learn to whistle with our fingers this summer.

I contributed turning the back yard into a movie theatre, something I've been researching and planning for a while now. If all goes as we hope we'll be inviting friends and family around to join us! Hopefully I can keep mozzies away because nothing quite ruins fun like those big blood sucking varmints!

We also included some of our summer traditions like having an Australia Day Party with family & going camping down at Bakers Beach. I snuck things in that will make great boredom busters like blowing big bubbles {Jayden's getting a bubble kit for Christmas} & play in the sprinklers {Jayden's also getting a slip-n-slide for Christmas from his Nana}. Looks like we'll be having a rather adventurous summer.

You can get the paper/background here. It's a free download! I electronically added text to it and then printed it out to hang on our bulletin board. Easy peasy. It'll be fun to stick it in an album later with photos of all the fun things we did.

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Dianna said...

It seems so strange to me to think about Christmas in the summer. But that is how it is for you. Which is one reason why I love to read your blog. Because of the seasonal differences for us.