Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saturday Entertainment

Excuse one of my toilets on the web for all to see, but this story is so funny I can't let it slip by. This past weekend was a bit dull around here. Mr S was hit with a fever and the chills and felt miserable & the boys and I were trying to "let our hair down" after a week packed to the brim with school and school projects as we rush to the end of the school year.

Anyway, at one point after tripping over the umpteenth pile of lego the kids had out I stalked off to the small bathroom near my room. As I walked in this balloon greeted me! Complete with ugly smile {or is that a screaming face?} and huge eyes. I stood there laughing, & then grabbed the camera to snap a photo. Then, being sure the kids were still distracted with heaps of lego I ran the entire length of house and chucked him on the toilet by the kids room.

A few hours later when I returned to my bathroom the crazy balloon was back!! Only, this time he had a top hat on. Apparently he was taking his toiletry habits to a whole new level with that top hat! I had to dash back down the hallway but decided to chuck him the shower the kids use instead of putting him back on the toilet. I wondered if it would take them longer to find.

By the following morning it was back in my bathroom, without a top hat, but still grinning {or screaming} like a fool! He ended meeting his demise when I intentionally popped him after I found him laying on the school table. I figured any balloon naughty enough to hang out on toilet seats really wasn't great for keeping around, but he certainly did bring us some entertainment and laughter on a rather dull weekend!


Dawn said...

Too Funny! What a great stress reliever.

Tracey said...

I did not know you could potty train balloons. LOL! Funny story. I hope Mr. S gets better soon.