Friday, December 23, 2011


Morgan loves to draw, color, cut, & fiddle. He's often lying on the floor while I'm reading aloud and can be found doing anyone of those things. During our final week of school he was lying on the floor supposedly coloring a map for his Timeline Notebook while I read. We got so caught up in the book we read the entire book & when I finally put it down and took a long drink of water Morgan walks up and says, "Check this out!"

What I was looking at were the above items he made out of paper. A pencil, pencil sharpener, & a pair of scissors. Believe or or not the pencil fits perfectly into the funny little pencil sharpener. He was very proud of his perfect detail on the pencil and I was pretty impressed with the handles on the scissors. So much so that the items are still laying up on a shelf because no one can bring themselves to throw them out.

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