Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Devotionals

For Christmas we often give the boys a couple of standard gifts. I decided it would be equally fun to give them a couple of standard gifts on New Year's Eve in their activity bags. Simple things that would help them in the New Year.

Last year, for instance, after we rang the New Year in we all grabbed our nifty new calendars and hung them in their proper places on the walls.

This year, instead of giving the boys their calendars for Christmas I've kept them hidden away to hand out on New Year's Eve! However, I also decided to order them each a devotional. Something simple that they could read on their own each morning when they got up.

Sounds simple, I know, but it wasn't! I knew which one I wanted for each child and wouldn't you know every store I tried either had one or not the other. The only way I could, for certain, get them both for a while was through a US store, and I knew they'd never arrive on time. I did a little more research and discovered that if I swapped Jayden's title with another similar one I could order them from Koorong. Only, I made this discover with about 2 days to go before the Christmas weekend arrived. Needless to say I asked for quicker shipping on the two items. Oh my goodness was it quick, but check out the packing!!

First the crazy things came in a plastic quick mailer. Then it was wrapped in brown paper and every inch of it was covered in packing tape. Seriously, for a minute I was like, "Boys check this out, this is exactly what it looked like when we lived in American and Grandpa use to package things up for Nana to send to us!" I couldn't even find a place to lift the tape so had to carefully cut the brown paper for fear of damaging my books! Then, after all the careful cutting I found the books wrapped in several inches of bubble wrap..

At least my books arrived, completely undamaged! I've always had good service from Koorong, but man I think this takes the cake on quick shipping, they arrived the following day! As for what I picked, I snagged Jesus Calling for Morgan, & 365 Bedtime Devos for Boys. I had wanted to get Jayden 365 Devos for Boys, but it isn't quite released here yet, plus, once I peeked inside of it some of the devotions are the same as the book above.

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