Friday, December 2, 2011

Maximum Orginization

Our boys are big lego collectors. It was actually Morgan who started the entire Lego phase. He's always loved taking things apart and the challenge of putting them back together. With Lego, this child can come up with anything and build it and make it look exactly as it should.

I'm telling you, this child is a genius when it comes to the came Creationary, he can look at the card and knock it out in a matter of seconds and we all know what it's meant to be. Just don't ask most of the rest of us to try this because as easy as he makes it look we stink.. royally! at it.

The boys usually save their own money up for lego, and that giant kiddie wading pool/sandbox is full of all their lego. All though, that picture was taken last year and the pool is now full to the rim and all most overflowing. I joketh not. Sorting out lego to build specific things {we have a rubbermaid box full of manuals} can be a bit harder for them.

Enter, The Head. Seriously, this is a lego sorter. You pop the round knob at the top off and pour lego in. Put the knob back on and shake. The pieces fall through the "sifter" until the holes are too small. You open it up and pieces are sorted by size. Easy Peasy. All though I confess to growing wearisome of the noise in the old house with wood floors. The sound echoed all over! My kids use the The Head to sort pieces for building specific things, but also for their favourite game which is Trading Post. They load up with all sorts of cool bits and bobs and trade back and forth to make the neatest little lego men they can come up with. It keeps them busy for hours!

My sister-in-law gave Morgan this nifty hot wheels box a couple of years ago. Morgan is much like myself in that he likes to organize his things, the more compartments & pockets the better it is. So this box was a huge hit, except in all the time he's owned it I think it's only had HotWheels in it for maybe a week. It's now his Lego Treasure Trove, and heaven help the person who spills it because tears will fly.

Take a closer look!! Each compartment holds something specific to building a mini fig! From the top left you've got two compartments of heads, two compartments of hats and/or headgear, one compartment of extras that you stick on the neck of lego men {life vests, shoulder pads, armour, etc.} three compartments of upper torsos with a couple of random heads three compartments of legs with two overflowing upper torsos in them, one compartment of swords, axes, & other weapons. One compartment full of skeleton objects, one compartment full of handcuffs and other small weapons including fire/flames, and a third compartment full of odd extras like snowboards, fire hoses, & crossbows.. When we're all really good he lets us choose something from each category to make nifty little mini figs. Then he loans us a Ninjago spinner {top picture, red circle thing next to ninja cards} and we get to test and see how balanced our mini fig is.

Yep, he mashed his love of lego {he's actually written to the Lego company to request a job} & his need to organise to a whole new level here.. if only he could apply that to his bedroom to it'd be even more amazing!

PS: If anyone is collecting the nifty little MiniFig series that Lego has out right now and has doubles of certain ones they'd like to trade he'd be really keen to hear from you. He likes to spend his money on those as well and was desperate to land an Artist from Series 4, but it never happened. He has quite a few doubles of various ones from all of the series he'd love to trade off for ones he doesn't have.


alecat said...

Wow, that's some VERY serious lego organisation there!
I wish my son was that organised with his. He prefers to make up the items/characters and then store them away, which of course takes up a whole lot more room.

EM said...

Thanks for sharing about the Head! I'm a newbie to Lego, my son is 6, and it's starting to drive me crazy! He's forever asking me to help him find a certain piece! I'm thinking his own file folder box for the manuals. Will it really every be contained? Probably not, but I love the sorting and storing capabilities of the Head.
By the way I'm a new follower of yours. Your button is on my page and I'm really enjoying many of your ideas. We sent a pen pal kit to my niece for her birthday this year. I also appreciate your insight to home-schooling, another thing I'm a newbie at this year. Learning lots from you. Thanks a bunch.