Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike

Mr S and I have always thought, on most topics, very much alike. Conversations usually start with, "I was thinking it might be fun to ..." followed by, "What?! No way I was thinking the same thing!" That's not to say we always think exactly alike and always agree on every subject. I for one feel the hamper is the best place for dirty socks while he feels the floor is best. I find that cleaning up is a bit more relaxing where as he finds kicking back with a good movie is a better choice. However, the first time we realised just how much we thought alike was a few years ago on Valentine's Day. It's traditional for me to hide his card in some place I know he's likely to sit on it the following morning, it's equally traditional for him to put a card on my pillow sometime after I've woken up and left the room. That particular day I found my card and as I opened it was horror struck that Mr S had somehow gotten the cards mixed up and given me the card I'd actually picked for him. He was in the kitchen having the same horrific thought as he opened the envelope I left on his chair for him. Yep, we bought identical cards at different times! We laughed for days about it and still do when the story is brought up.

Yes, perhaps cheesy to some, but it really does make us laugh. We've since learned to pick cards that either say "wife" or "husband" on them or are totally blank or make up our own. I, for instance, bought him one this year that was so me to him despite being an engagement card that I bought it anyway and scratched out the engagement part and fixed it up so it fit what I needed.

For the past three years we've both been trying to hunt down a croquette set for our family. We both love the game and in the US, thanks to my sister, we owned a set. Our Kmart had sets in a few years ago, and at the time we purchased a different outdoor game instead, and of course since then they've never had one again!

Yes, my mil was sporting a broken foot the day these arrived..
During Black Friday sales in the US some Aussie stores decided to have heavy discounts on things too & I got a lot of emails from places I've shopped with online. One such place was offering a nice wooden croquette set on sale with free shipping! I mentioned it to Mr S and then an hour later disappeared to order him a set. Only hang up, Mr S had ordered one for me shortly after I showed him the email. If that wasn't funny enough, they both arrived on the same day in the exact same wrapping. Oh well, double the fun now!

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Tracey said...

We love to play croquette! Looks like a lot of fun!