Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day Out

Last week Mr S's daily carpool wasn't running in the morning & he needed a lift to work. The boys and I have "go to" bags that we can grab full of our school supplies, & that particular morning we snatched them up and headed to the quaint little beach town up the road where Mr S works.

After we dropped him off we walked the beach for a little while, and then sat down to read what was our current read aloud. The boys were so engrossed in the story when two dogs bounded up both boys jumped a mile which excited the dogs.

Once the sun had us well heated {someone didn't put the sunscreen back in the main go-to bag} we headed towards shade in the very tiny park above the beach. There we finished reading through our books for the day and then got side tracked chasing down the cutest baby grasshopper you've ever seen. Well, except that you haven't seen it because the crazy little jumper wouldn't hold still long enough for a photo and so I have nothing to show you, but anyway I digress..

The boys asked if they could swing before we left and I said sure. They were taking turns pushing each other and enjoying their morning brake when a train sounded. The only way into this small town is over a set of train tracks so I looked up and said, "Jayden I can see the train from here." The look on his face above was his reaction when he looked up and saw it.

He's always, always, always been a huge train fan. He has heaps upon heaps of Thomas trains both in the US and in Australia. He despises building on a table with them because a good train track must run through just about every room of the house so he has significant opportunity to trip all of his family members. Our very first house in Tassie was right across the street from a train track, and he'd climb up into the window and stand on tip-toe each and every time he heard that whistle go. He'd be mid conversation with someone and if he heard the whistle off he'd trot. Use to crack us up to no end while mystifying company he was in mid chat to. Jayden recently told me he's a bit big for Thomas trains and I could probably put them away now, but please don't get rid of them.

I asked him if he'd like me to get rid of the Thomas videos too then & he was quite decided that I most certainly shouldn't do that either. The trains are up on the top shelf of the closet for now & the movies haven't budged. He did, however, cry when I gave away his Thomas rain slicker even though it was too small for him. Being 8 and wearing a size 12 because you're so tall means you

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