Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Last week the boys and I went for a walk on a trail nearby our home, halfway around the loop the boys decided they needed a break. They'd worn sweats instead of shorts and were hot. While waiting on the bench Jayden decided he'd check out the sign to see what it said. He was reading away and then comes back and declares, "Nothing to worry about there. It only says Don't feed the caterpillars!"

I laughed myself silly before I could correct him. The sign actually says:

 "Cycle-Walking Track
 'Don River Circuit'"

He got as far as the "don" and saw the c and figured we weren't permitted to feed the caterpillars, but what caterpillars I'm still not sure of. For everything that we did see, caterpillars weren't amongst them! 

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Tracey said...

Funny! It is cold enough here for sweats so come for a visit.