Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Calendar

My boys have always asked for one of those $1 advent calendars with the perforated doors at the local shops. I've always told them no because it only has chocolate inside. Not that there's anything wrong with chocolate, but when you have a child who can't have sugar there's no point in having the items in the home.

I debated trying to make one with little things inside of it for them, but couldn't quite figure out how I'd make the whole thing work. Then one day the boys came rushing in with an ad {we get junk mail at our new house} and were enjoying looking through it. I spotted Disney Advent calendars that didn't have sweets in them!  By the time we got to the shop there was only Cars & Princesses left, so we came home with one Cars calendar and the boys take turns opening it up.

Honestly, it's not the greatest thing out there, it's really not! However, I can't wait to take the whole thing apart so I can make one for next year that will be worth opening every day! And yes, I know I could have easily slipped surprises and treats in the reindeer calendar, but the boys really wanted the surprise and pleasure of opening up the little cardboard calendar. I suspect their excitement was stemming from the book The Christmas Mystery.

The little boy in the book opens his "magic" calendar every day and finds a bit of a hidden story inside along with a little picture. It caused enough of a stir last year that both the boys requested it this year too! I suppose I really should buy the book so someone else from our local library can have a read of it during the Christmas season..


Sheryll said...

I saw those and was curious about what's inside them. I've never gone for the chocolate ones because I know they are so cheap that the chocolate doesn't even taste good. What kind of treats are inside the one you purchased?

Kendra said...

Oh Sheryll, the stuff inside, thus far, isn't that great to be honest. Day one we had a cute plastic top. Day two we had a tatoo. Day three a top, day four a tatoo. Day 5 a coloring sheet, Day six three stickers, Day seven another coloring sheet.

Day 24 I strongly suspect is a whistle. There's also three ornaments on the back to cut out and put on your tree if you want.

Personally, I think they could have done better. They make mini cars for the chocolate eggs, they could have put a couple of those in. They could have put in balloons with cars on them, etc. I think I paid more for the Disney logo and the nifty little Cars 2 title, BUT I'm most excited about using it next year to make one for them. ;)