Friday, November 25, 2011

A Welcomed Finish

I missed an awful lot of sleep and sweated a whole lot in hopes of meeting my goals for Nano this year. There were quite a few days when I just didn't think I'd make. November has been an incredibly busy month for us between moves, visitors, school, and life in general.

Last night I was holding pretty steady in the 48,000+ area, when Mr S leaned over and asked me if I was sleep typing. I was. I can easily type with my eyes closed or while watching someone or something else, so apparently dosing off didn't make too much of a difference all though I had a lot of .... 's happening.

I am delighted to have met the goal and put the story I'm working on on the back burner for now!  It's kept me extremely busy, but I'm so going to enjoy sleeping at rising at normal hours again. This may have been the hardest year I've had yet!

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