Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pen Pal Kit

This year Morgan has picked up a few pen pals this year & I thought it would be fun to throw together a pen pal kit for him for Christmas.

I spotted one over at Eighteen25 that came with it's own printable & it was close to what I was after, but honestly I wanted one for him to store all the bits and pieces for writing letters instead of him mailing a kit out to his pen pals.

Don't get me wrong, it would be really fun to post one to each of his pen pals, but that wasn't my original goal. So I took their idea and turned it into something that would work for me. The only thing I forgot was a "Keep Out" sign on the craft room door. Thus Morgan walked in while I was working on it and I belly flopped on top of the whole project and screamed, "OUT!! OUT NOW!" much to his horror.

When you open the lid this is the inside of the lid. I used my library pocket pattern to trace onto some cute scrapbooking paper I had stored away. Once pocket holds stickers to decorate letters & envelopes, or to simply stick in his letter and send to his pen friend. The other side holds index cards with the addresses of his penpals. And no, he doesn't have a dozen pen pals, I put extra cards in there incase he wants to add a friend or family members address to his stash.

In the bottom of the box we have envelopes. Rather then buy fancy stationary for him I just printed some little images on the corner of a bunch of envelopes. I think I ended up printing out something like 30 all up; six of each kind. I also had some others with the little boy and dog on it that I printed out that had one of those speaking bubbles that says, "A Note From Morgan."

I used a funband to keep them all in a neat pile inside the box. I figured otherwise he'll open it, spill them all over and then cram them in the box causing them to get bent. They'd still be useable, but he'd probably ask me to print out new ones instead. And no, I didn't put the postcode box on there, that's standard around here.

I also dug out a packet of Veggie Tale note cards I picked up ages ago. I think we found them at an op shop, completely unused! I tend to have cards and bits tucked away to send to someone eventually, and this pack was just the perfect size to fit into his little kit.

I threw in two pads of writing paper we picked up at the cheap store. I actually stocked up when I spotted them so he could send some of them to his penfriends, but I figured I'd stick a couple in his box. I might change them out if I find different ones, or simply add them to the box. The idea though, was that this box went together really quickly for nothing. I know he'll love it.

I rounded up a few writing supplies and put them in there too. I did purchase the mini correction tape for him as we were out and he does enjoy using it instead of having to start all over again. So much so that he's been known to glue snippets of paper over mistakes he's made so that he can keep going and "no one will know". What he doesn't know is that the pack came with 3, so I have a few extras hidden away incase he runs out. He'll be happy to see the blue ben with the Jelly Baby on it. I picked up two back when the JDRF was selling them.

And there it is all packed up and ready to go! I'd like to take some blank labels I have and make him some address labels to go with it, and I might see about picking him up a packet of stamps. The problem with stamps is that when you mail your letters internationally it's a bit harder to know how many stamps you'll need. The balls on the right hand side are gumballs. He's not a big gum chewer, but he does enjoy the occasional gum ball, I thought it would be fun to include some! The kit is now hidden away in the top of my closet, and this officially kicks off the beginning of Christmas gift making. I have quite a few more "kits" I am excited to get started on and squirrel away before Christmas.


Bonnie said...

Love this idea! I can't wait to see your other kits. :) I may be stealing some ideas from you! Thanks for sharing!

monstermama said...

What a great kit! I had also seen the one posted at eighteen25, but i love looking around for more ideas! I especially liked your pockets for holding the notecards with addresses on them! If you're interested in another pen pal, my 7 year old son would LOVE one. We live in Michigan. My email is if you are interested! Thanks for posting the great ideas!

Nancy Ann said...

Kendra, you are so creative!