Sunday, November 6, 2011

Library Kit

This afternoon was incredibly warm and the guys were all busy with.. guy stuff.. So, I decided to work on another "kit" I had planned for Morgan for Christmas.

It's been our tradition for a while to get the boys at least one book for Christmas. Last year Morgan got three books in one from the Humphrey Hamster series.

Morgan also loves playing library. He's been doing that since he was quite little, but as he gets older the game gets a bit more extravagant. Last time he played, he set up shop in the middle of the doorway to our guest room/library and no one was allowed in or out without a library card and book in hand. Jayden was a willing sport and played the game with him for hours as they took turns being librarian.

I spotted a few kits online, including some you could purchase. I wasn't really interested in purchasing something so simple that had consumables in it knowing that they could easily be used up and money wouldn't have been well spent. There are also quite a few out there that are printable, but most of them are meant for ladies and are a tad grown up and florally. So I came up with my own idea. First I grabbed another empty case we had laying around. Morgan use to receive a science experiment kit each Christmas and/or birthday and now that some of them are completely used up I've got extra cases that I've been saving for these crafts.

First I made some library cards up. This wasn't necessary because there are heaps out there to print even for kids! A simple google search will probably bring them up, that's how I found them. Anyway, I went the route of quickly making some. I had intentions of putting writing on the back too, but opted to keep things more simple. I originally even had each card with a different number on each card, but during my various editing process with lots of cutting and pasting that didn't make it to the final cut.

Next, I printed out heaps of bookplates. Again, these were scavenged off the next over time. I'd actually intended to make this for Morgan last year, but never got to it so I had some things saved up for the project. There are heaps here but I adore the Pigeon one by Mo Willems. Then again we are pretty big Pigeon fans. There's a few made by Mike Inkpen in there and then some cute random ones. Each time I tried to pick out a favorite I'd find another too ooh & ahh over. I might just have to print some more out for myself. I think Morgan will love putting these in his own books, and while they aren't sticker and require glue if you have a Xyron Sticker Maker you can turn them into stickers.

I also whipped up more library pockets. I made doubles of most paper by simply folding the paper in half, tracing the pattern, and then cutting out two at a time. There's no adhesive on the back of these either, again glue or the Xyron, just depends on if we have sticker paper in the house or not for the sticker maker. I really don't mind him putting these in his own books, and wouldn't mind them being in mine. In fact, somewhere I have a bookplate that is a library check-out card and each time a friend borrows the book they sign it and then say if they liked it or not on that card! I think that's a really cute idea too, but just not what I had in mind for my boy. Instead, I have some library cards that I purchased years ago in America for a scrapbooking project that I pulled out for him. Again, you can find printables online, but since I had some premade I just stuffed them in the box.

This little book is known as a book of lists. It was a freebie I found online and adorably cute and small and just the right size! I stuck it in the box so he can note down when a book is "due" or who checked out what if he wants. I was originally going to purchase one of those fun little date stamps {the ones you turn to make whatever date you want}, but decided this would be a cheaper {free} idea! I may still pick up a stamp down the line, but for now I like that this whole kit went together for absolutely nothing because I had everything laying around the house.

There was a bit of headroom left in the box and caused the items to spill a bit, so I found a mini pen with gobs of different colors and tucked that in as well as this chubby orange notebook. It worked to keep everything in place when the box was closed and tipped and turned!

Then I whipped up a couple of labels while the intended receiver of this gift decided to sit down right next to the printer to learn how to play a game! I set his brother on duty of catching the paper before Morgan saw it. I glued both labels over the original science experiment labels and then tucked the whole kit away to the top shelf of my closet. I know it seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but I have quite a few homemade things for the boys and needed a good sized jump start. Best part, this kit cost us nothing to make because we had everything we needed around the house! I love that, and I love that he'll love this kit. I just hope he lets me play library and doesn't make me pay for a library card!

Here are a few links to some of the things I've mentioned in this post:
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*Be sure to use the buttons on the top left hand side to find even more bookplates in varying sizes. I'm not sure that all my bookplates came from there, but a good percentage of them did. 


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Love this. My dd would be beside herself with a gift like that, thanks!

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I just found your blog on the Homeschool Blog Awards and popped over to check your blog out. This is WAY cute! You are so creative & it turned out adorable!

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