Thursday, November 3, 2011

ipad Cover

A while back I mentioned that my husband bought me an ipad for all the ebook school manuals and books that we have.  It is not my preferred way to read books, but sure does save heaps on printing out 200+ manuals!

I've used it, as I might have mentioned before, for purchasing manuals that would cost too much to have shipped to me. I also use it for various studies or books that are only sold as ebooks.

One of the items I use on it daily is our Grapevine Bible, I can enlarge the page so that the kids only see the part I want them to be working on.

However, I really wanted a stand for our ipad and a case. Unfortunately some of the cases out there that fit what I was looking for were pretty stinking expensive! I'm always shocked by how much things like that cost after you've paid for the actual item. While searching around I actually found a pattern for an ipad cover that fit what I wanted over on SewSpoiled's Etsy Shop.

I ran a trial sew with the pattern and was a bit disappointed to find that it was too small! The pattern does come in two sizes for the original ipad and the newer ipad, but I used the appropriate size & verified that it was printed properly. Thus my ipad doesn't quite fit into it as it should {see picture above}. I plan to try again cutting the pattern a bit larger and trying again. If you do make the pattern you absolutely do need all the supportive bits called for in the pattern. As in, interfacing, wood, and the other bits. Without it the case doesn't stay propped open on it's own as it should.

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Monja said...

Awesome iPad cover - i'm always looking for new ideas :-)