Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Humor Me

So, you'll have to humor me for the day. I spent the better half of the afternoon sitting outback on the patio watching children jump on the trampoline, birds fly amuck while, and writing.. Or is it typing/keyboarding these days? I dunno, anyway clearly I was on a writing streak for Day One of Nano. 

In fact, I suddenly checked the clock and realized Mr S's carpool was late & that I needed to work double time to get dinner going. Good thing Mr S was late, right?!

To top things off, the crazy Nano website has me registered in Tasmania which means I had to start on my Nov 1. No biggie, I'm happy with that, but their website won't let anyone upload their words or claim prizes until it rolls over to that date in the US. Which means, after an hour or more of writing I had to wait until later this evening to update my word count.

The writing programme I use keeps track of that for me, but you still have to verify through the Nano website. One year I barely squeaked in because the former programme I was using said I had my limit met {50,000} only to discover I was a few hundred short according to the judge. Not fun.

Anyway, so this evening when dinner was done and cleaned up, we got chased by wicked mad lapwings at the park, & laughed our way through an episode of Dirty Jobs & Horrible Histories I was finally able to upload my word count for the day. I all ready knew what that was, but I found it very fun to notice that if I continued this pace I'd finish on.. my birthday! 

Not that I expect to write five and a half thousand words each day, but still it made me laugh and I had to share it. In fact, if I manage to write that many words each day I'll be pretty impressed. I've been working, mentally, on this story for over a year now and I keep hitting road blocks writer's block at the same point each and every time! This is the first time I've started typing it, so who knows maybe I'll overcome it.


Butterfly said...

That is superb!! A most excellent way to kick off your NaNo writing spree. Definitely worth sharing!

Beats my staggering 117 words for today by, oh, just a tad. As with most of my story ideas, this one was born in the car during our recent drive to Queensland. I normally agonise over plot outlines for weeks, but since it's Nov 1st, decided to jump right in the deep end.

Keep us posted ... if you have time and don't have blisters from all that typing!!

Kendra said...

Aww, 117 is nothing shabby though! How are you fairing with it? I'm up to over 11,000 but I'm tossing back and forth and writing scenes terribly out of order. I should have spent October writing an Outline! haha

Butterfly said...

11 000 now? Wowzers!! You're a NanoLegend. "Outline October" sounds like a very wise idea for the future. Does it annoy you or are you just glad to be getting words on the page?

I haven't moved beyond that first bit ... and you're right, it did feel good to get even that bit done. I like the idea of my series but don't want to kill it (or my confidence) by aimlessly rambling without a clue.

I might put it on hold and hustle with my non-fiction book instead, for which I have a much better idea of the structure, tone, purpose and perhaps market. Even though it will make me a NanoRebel, as it's not a novel. Better than being a NanoDropout ;)