Sunday, November 27, 2011

He is coming..

The boys have been excitedly counting down to Advent. They really adore using our homemade Jesse Tree, a tradition I'm so glad we decided to pursue. Two of our buttons popped off and need sewing back on, but that will only take a moment. In the mean time it's al ready hung on the wall and waiting for tomorrow's devotion.

The same annual heated discussion was had as we hung it up, "I want to be the one to put the star on!" It has nothing to do with it being the last ornament, but everything to do with it being on the white button. Someone always gives up a turn at hanging an ornament just so they up their odds of being the one to deal with the star. It really makes me laugh because it does stay reasonably civil.

Me, I'm more interested in knowing exactly when the year slipped away. I'm pretty certain yesterday was July and the day before that was January. I always find myself wondering this when Thanksgiving rounds the corner. It's not that I don't enjoy the end of the year holidays, I do, I'm just always surprised they arrived so quickly!

The end of the year didn't entirely sneak up on me, I had the foresight {this year} to order Bartholomew's Passage well enough in advanced. There's much excitement at reading this story. We've read Jotham's Journey two years in a row. Last year we also read The Christmas Mystery & the boys adored it, they are hoping to check it out of the library again this year and reread it.

After reading a review about Christmas Carols For a Kid's Heart we snatched this book up to add to our Christmas collection. The boys know a few Christmas songs, but I thought this would be an amazingly fun way to learn more and the stories behind them. I'm looking forward to it's arrival, because unfortunately I ordered it a wee bit later then I should have.

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