Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Mom, Dad, & Everyone Else,

While most of the world will wonder why I'd be wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving a day late, I know you're celebrating a day late and won't mind. We always celebrate a "day late" around here which is the one time of year I feel behind compared to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Weird, huh?

We survived finding a turkey this year, and I promise it's no comparison to any Tom Turkey we've ever had to clear two shelves in the fridge for and require help carrying in from the car. I'm beginning to think those US turkeys might have been on steroids, but then again I'm pretty sure the wild turkeys in your back yard were bigger then the one I found this year. While it's lack of size caused much teasing and chiding from me, the turkey got the last laugh when it took all of three hours to roast it start to finish.

I've gone yet another year without viewing a parade of football on Thanksgiving, but the end result is always the same as your charming son-in-law always reminds me. Santa is the last float in the parade, and the home teams generally lose in the football. All though I confess to actually suggesting we turn on the television and look for a Thanksgiving Special this year. Yeah, that brought on a lot of laughter!

You can rest assured that we managed the corn pudding, the cranberry sauce {I managed with dried cranberries again}, & Buddy's Fruit Salad {all though i was a rebel and used cherries & knew she'd be jealous that I found seedless grapes at this time of year.. it made me laugh}. Of course I would have totally freaked most of you out when I served raisin bread stuffing, but I promise it was really good. I skipped the mashed potatoes, I know completely unThanksgiving "ish" of me especially since I subbed it with coleslaw that I didn't even make someone else did!  And the rolls, I'm sorry there were no rolls! And, as long as we're discussing food I just realized that the beans I steamed are still sitting in the microwave where they were cooked!

You'll all be happy to know we wrapped our evening up with a Christmas movie, not that any were showing on the tv, but that didn't stop us. We pulled one out of our stash and popped it on. No, you guys can stop squirming I promise it wasn't It's A Wonderful Life, but I must say it's been a while since I've viewed that one. In fact, I don't think the boys ever have.. It might be best not to mention this to Charlie because he might beg the movie shop to take their copy and hide it.

We hope you all have an amazing and lovely Thanksgiving. Hand out an extra round of hugs and kisses for Uncle D and tell him we miss him heaps and pray for him often and that we hope he has a great time being back home for a while. Then when you're done sit on him until he gives you a postal address we can send him a package to. If that yeilds no results I suggest you grab Miss B and hold her for ransom until he fesses up, but don't tell him it was my idea!

Don't stuff yourselves too much on the main course, you are having desert right? You really must try cranberry ice cream it was a huge success here! It was weird, I didn't even make apple pie, or pumpkin, but I did make cranberry ice cream. Perhaps not the most normal, but it sure was tasty!

Lots of Love,

All of us

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