Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Government Branches

As part of our Revolutionary War review wrap up we read the book How The U.S. Government Works. Government, regardless of the country, can be a tough topic for kids to fully understand. The U.S. Government is no different & while this book did a reasonable job at breaking it down for them there were still some confused looks across the table when we tried to recap things.

I decided a notebooking pages clearly in order, because sometimes writing it all down on a paper can really help them realize just how much they know. I actually found one that broke the three branches down very mildly for kids and it's available over at Treehouse Kids. It's not free, but the meagre .99 they asked for it was very reasonable and saved me a bit of time.

The page gave the boys the opportunity to write down very simple responses for each branch. We did consider making a poster that expanded upon which people are included in each branch, but considering both boys were fighting colds, I had a birthday cake to make, & camp packing to do we've left it for now.

I will give the book credit that it gave very clear posters/pictures inside of it to help the kids understand who was who within each branch. However, eyes glazed over when terms like Department of... were used. So I broke it down a bit more and said things like, "Police men, Teachers, Garbage Men, etc." All in all, not a bad little book for explaining how they are all meant to work together.

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Tracey said...

We have this book. It does give a lot of details but I was a little confused myself. I personally do not think I will ever understand the government. Haha