Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Funny Story

On Wednesday we were enroute to a relatives home for dinner after hanging out at the beach in the rain waiting for Mr S and his brother to finish at work.

We're cruising down the highway when my car conked out. Literally. It clunked and I saw several lights pop on and had just enough time to get to the shoulder before a few large trucks flew by. Mr S & his brother got out and finished pushing us out of harms way.

It was a long night as we waited for roadside assistance, then a taxi to haul three-quarters of us back home. Then a tow truck to haul the rest of us and Old Blue back to the house. My poor bil had been trying to order the kids pizza but apparently the website didn't recognise our address as "real" and he failed quite miserably at the whole thing. It was a bad day to break down because I was in dire need of a grocery store trip.

So along comes ten o clock at night and the pizza man finally shows up. We indulged while watching a Mr Bean cartoon and we washed it all down with chocolate cream pie. That pie was a story in and of itself, and the short version is that I stole another bil's chocolate pie at our family camp out because I told him that Australian pie crust is woefully pitiful compare to American. In order to prove my point I'd made a homemade chocolate cream pie to take along on our adventure.

Wondering what a huge watermelon has to do with this story? I'm getting there.. The following morning I was racing around packing lunches & trying to find something for dinner when I remembered our local grocery stores all have home delivery now. That morning I placed an order for all the things that had been on my shopping list with our local Woolies. Our order was set to arrive the following morning between 730 and 1030.

It arrived just before 9 am and while unpacking it and making sure all my items were accounted for I pulled out my bananas. They've recently dropped dramatically in price and I ordered some. Only, my first clue I'd miscalculated weights was when I pulled out two large fingers of bananas. No biggie, it's been months since we've had bananas on hand daily, and it showed because by the time Mr S got home from work there were three, yes three bananas left.

Then I unpacked the watermelon. I stood there and laughed. Watermelon is not generally sold whole in our area, that was hard to get use to at first. In the states you buy a whole watermelon and take it home and cut it as desired. Here you buy chunks of melon and pay by the kilo. While it seems odd, it's actually assuring you get a decent bit of melon! Anyway, I looked at the list thinking, "Wow, I didn't think a melon was only 3 kilos." Yeah, apparently I hadn't said 3 kilos, I'd said 5. Good thing we like melon!!

It gets funnier.. I wanted some jalepeno peppers, the masses are screaming for mexican and I needed one for the recipe I intended to make. Only, I have no idea how much one little pepper weighs. I do know that I generally pay between 20 and 40 some odd cents for them. So, I told them I wanted a quarter kilo because I wasn't thinking mathematically and didn't think to write an eighth of a kilo. I have a bag full of jalepenos out there! I kid you not & that bag smelled hot too.  Lesson learned!

I have to confess though, shopping online with Woolies was pretty painless. They did forget two items I ordered but I just rang the number on my order sheet {the driver left me with another copy} and they quickly refunded the money for those two items. The prices vary for delivery depending on how much you order, and the more you order the cheaper it is! Perfect when you've got no car.


Jen's Busy Days said...

I like the online shopping in my area for those days when the kids are frazzled, I am going under and I just don't think I could handle a trip to the supermarket as well. Not quite as cheap as my local supermarket but still better than the doughnuts, cakes, chocolate, etc that would make their way into my trolley when I am tired and the kids don't hear no.

I haven't bought my fresh produce through the online shopping yet though. I will have to watch out for those weights.

Have fun using up your extras.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Tracey said...

Funny about the Jalapenos. I have never ordered online groceries before.