Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A few weeks ago now, my boys were treated to a cupcake each at a local cafe. They were very excited but really struggled to make a choice from all the colorful concoctions before them. Once they made up their minds they ate their sandwiches and then dug into the cupcakes.

Neither of them could finish the cupcakes though because they found them too sweet, especially the icing. This is what comes of not eating sugar around here on a normal basis.

However, Jayden was really taken by the whole cupcake thing and wanted to know if we could make cupcakes around the house that would taste even better. I told him I was certain we could.

I decided to hunt down a cupcake book, and I'm telling you it wasn't easy!  Most cupcake books were made based on how you decorated the finished product and that was completely useless for us as most of that involved a lot of sugary candies we can't eat.

I was eventually torn between two choices and had it narrowed down when I caught reviews that weren't of the greatest. That's the problem with reviews, if only the dissatisfied customers leave a review then you're not so certain about making the purchase! In the end I decided against both and then stumbled across The Sweet Little Book Of Cupcake. It's seriously tiny!

It turns out the book is full of recipes from a little bakery in Boston. The recipes do use sugar, but are easily adaptable to our non-sugary choices. The toppings on the cupcake aren't based on candy decorations but different icings, another thing we can easily alter. And the selection inside are quite tasty sounding. I'm quite intrigued by the Chocolate Pomegranate while Jayden is much more eager to try the Molasses Gingerbread cupcakes. I think his choice has something to do with the gingerbread cupcake pan he bought me for my birthday, but that's okay.

The book is broken down by seasonal cupcakes {think fruity for summer, chocolatey and warm for winter, etc.} and then you go to the back of the book to find the actual recipes which are mixed and matched throughout the book with the icing & filling recipes. Jayden all ready knows about the little book, but I'm planning to get him a few goodies to make the recipes with for Christmas. I'm just glad he wasn't freaked by the pink color of the book!

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