Monday, November 28, 2011

Arm River 2011

Earlier this month we had our annual camping trip in the middle of no where exactly where we like it! Our family always heads out a day earlier then everyone else which has it's ups and downs. This year we were a little leery at being the first family to arrive because there'd been some reported issues at the camp where we stay.

The previous group had spotted a small snake making an escape from the bathrooms & complained of rat problems. Forestry Tasmania had sent someone out to deal with the problem, but apparently the rat was proving a tricky little blighter to deal with.

We however, had absolutely no issues spotting it the minute our gang pulled up. There it was haphazardly ambling around by the drain. Our dog jumped out of the car and went after it. We knew the rat was most likely poisoned because Forestry had warned us about it, thus preventing us from allowing the dog to deal with the pesky critter.

We decided to throw a bin over it, only because I refused to release my largest bowl to do the job. We then had to add the piece of wood up against the bin because half it's tail was still sticking out and we knew a certain little boy would freak if he saw it. Despite popular belief amongst Forestry I did not smack the rat with a bin and put us all out of our misery. No, I stood atop a picnic table and shouted to Mr S to, "Hurry up and slam that bin down on top of the rat so it can't wander off on us! Don't worry I'm sure he won't bite you he's half dead anyway. No, I will not come down and help you it's creeping me out being this far away!" Moral support and all that ya know..

If a picture is worth a thousand words this one might be worth two. The boys uncle explained to them how to make rude noises with their legs, armpits, & hands. The boys practiced daily to be ready for this years family camp trip so that as soon as their unsuspecting uncle curled up to go to sleep they could make these unseemly noises. And I was laughing so hard while shinning a light on them to snap a picture this is what I got!

It gets funnier.. {I resorted to auto flash} Morgan was demonstrating for me the difference between realism and fakeness depending upon which part of your body you blow on. Apparently the fattier part of your thigh gives the most realistic sounds. Seriously, they had this down to a science.. Mr S attempted to try this but nearly fell out of his bunk.

The following evening we passed word around camp amongst cousins that as soon as Nana turned out the light in the bunk house and said her goodnights we'd all start snoring. Only, my darling sons decided that once the snoring fest ended and laughter died down they'd add a few gassy sounds to the mix. Their female cousins were not to be outdone and joined suit as well as an uncle. It was all fun and games until our dog actually made a very rude stench in our room and I bellowed, "Oh my goodness that was a real one, open the window before I suffocate!" My boys then squealed, "MOM!! You're suppose to FAKE it!" Yeah, there were more twitters and squeals from the other bunk rooms until I loudly stated it was the dog. Who, out of total embarrassment, fled from our room into the cousin's room.. That only lasted about a second when they all squealed that he was quite stinky too..

Don't let that cute and innocent face fool you! That dog caused the entire bunk house to wretch.. had to be chased down to relinquish a wallaby leg he found.. bled all over the floor when a leech dropped off of him.. and then came home and slept for two straight days to make up for all the running he did.

There was heaps of bocce ball playing with wild new, "we're standing in the bush let's be crazy" kinda rules. We had to throw balls with eyes closed, while standing on one foot, while hanging upside down, before the jack was thrown, while the jack was being thrown, with our feet.. I'm pretty sure if it was imaginable we tried it. And that doesn't even account for the most hideously uneven, hole infested, rock festered ground we were playing on. It put a whole new meaning to the game.

There was a lot of Nerf Gun action too. No one was safe because everyone was a target at some point. Rumour has it we lost over 100 darts, but gained a frizbee. I'm not sure that really evens it out any, but you had to be as careful about getting hit with Frisbees as you did with nerf bullets.

And then there was the annual treasure hunt, which this year consisted of far too many clues! Our favorite was the one that led everyone down to the arm of the river only for them to realize the clue was actually attached to the arm of my shirt. The treasure was a rubbermaid box full of lollies, sparklers, and glow sticks a well deserved prize after over an hour of clue finding!

Last year's stump was thought to be holding another clue this year, but they were a little off course. It only took them another ten minutes or so to find the correct stump. Probably funnier to those of us who had all ready counted and surveyed all the stumps in the area.

Yep, that's me pretending to hold a tree up. Bad joke, I know.. We had our annual hike and got just past the halfway mark when it started to rain us which was just moments before it started to thunder. Did I mention Jayden is petrified of thunder still? I'm talking deer in the headlights kinda scared. He tottered on between two uncles for another 4 claps of thunder before breaking down and screaming loud enough to scare the bejeepers out of them. It was not the best hike ever, but I'm pretty sure it's going down as most memorable. The trail was horribly muddy. It was ankle deep at one point, I've got the socks to prove that one. Not to mention completely washed out in some parts with ankle deep mud to boot! My brother-in-law was helping Jayden down when Jayden slid, followed by his Uncle. Seeing their folly I decided to crab walk down the hill to avoid sinking my rump in the mud, but when my hand got stuck I slid down anyway and was dubbed Mud Monster for the remainder of our camp trip.. possibly because I had no more clean pants to put on. 

Of course no trip is complete without a bonfire {Mr S has those pictures on his camera} and getting something stuck on the roof. We made it until thirty minutes before we were about to leave. Last year's recycled ladder was still hanging around, all though considerably more water logged and rotted.

However, it was this contraption they went with to rescue the frisbee. It took a lot more moral support then it did objects to reach their chosen destination, probably not one of the most memorable rescues, but certainly going down as one of the more ingenious ideas. Way to go Jai!

There was also the awarding of the annual banana trophy, a cheap and hideous trophy someone's bound to be stuck with for a year. I'm not sure if it's an honor or not to get stuck with the thing, but it sure does bring about a lot of laughter. All in all, another great year in the middle of no where which is bound to be somewhere. We're really looking forward to next year!

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