Monday, October 17, 2011

Winter Promise 12 Weeks Later

I have to admit that while Winter Promise has it's flaws we've really enjoyed the majority of our journey over the past 12 weeks.

Thus far we've covered Explorers, Native American, Colonists, & everything in between. Which, granted, isn't much, but we've enjoyed it all the same. You should have seen the look of surprise on my kids faces when they found out pirates aren't just for storybooks!

We're nearing the end with Colonists and about to have a very mini brush up on the Revolutionary War. We don't intend to stay the full six weeks in this particular topic because we studied it for 5+ weeks last year and it's still reasonably fresh on the boys minds.

However, a quick brush up, reading of some new books, a couple of our old favorites, & adding some notebooking pages to our timeline notebook are on the agenda. I'm really looking forward to the two latest books we'll be digging into as well!

George Washington For Kids is loaded with information, crafts & recipes and I know the kids will enjoy it. There's an entire series of these books that I've heard many good things about from several other homeschoolers, but this is our first time personally using them.

I've been dying to read Regina Silsby's Secret War since it came in the mail! I mean like really eager! I love historical fiction, and I've had to resist the urge to read some of the books that come because I love not knowing what's going to happen so that when the kids pester me over it I can honestly admit that I don't know. It also makes theorising with them much more fun too!

The only book I regret doing that with was an Audio we borrowed from our library that was on our my list of read-alouds this year called Stop The Train! It was a delightful story and wonderfully done, but there were two instances in the book when I think the author could have refrained from choice words. I was also unimpressed with the mocking of the Mormon religion. Regardless of my own religious choices, I strongly disagree with mocking anyone else's choice. The overall story & the pictures painted were amazing though. Had I read it aloud myself I would have given a miss to the choice words, but we would have missed the true attitude of some of the characters as the actress portrayed them.

Having said that, this was not a book suggested by Winter Promise, it was merely a book on my list to read with the kids. While it had parts we disagreed with in it, it also gave us the opportunity to discuss appropriate ways to treat people who may believe different then you do.

As much as we've truly enjoyed our ride, thus far, with Winter Promise and intend to follow it through we do intend to switch to Sonlight for the second half of American History. After much exploration we {The principle & I} decided that we really liked the book selections for our children better from Sonlight for that year.

I'm a big planner and like to know where I'm going and what I'm doing which means I have school tentatively planned through the end of Morgan's highschool year{s} {Remember that's only grade 10 in Tassie} & they will most likely revolve around the remaining Sonlight cores. I have certain topics I want to cover with him before his time at home is over {because it's still up in the air as to going to college or staying home for grades 11 & 12 and a choice we very well may leave up to him..} & interestingly enough Sonlight's Cores hit on all of them. We're looking very forward to the journey.

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Julie said...

We did the same thing. We did WP AS1, and switched over to SL. We are doing Ancient History, though. The girls really wanted to learning about some of that stuff.