Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Top Hat

Last year for Christmas Jayden requested nothing more then a top hat and a fancy suit. Thanks to an amazing friend we had the suit taken care of no problem, but finding a top hat proved to be a little bit trickier. In the end, we did indeed find him one and despite it being one of those flimsy party store type hats he's taken great care of it.

While packing up the house I stumbled upon it in a very odd location & when Jayden spotted it his face lit up. Apparently he'd forgotten where he'd stashed it last and was delighted to have it back.

In fact, it kept him busy during many hours of packing. Swing riding wasn't complete without his special hat, nor was bird watching, dog chasing, or hide and seek playing. However, he wasn't limited to those typical activities either.

Jimmy was given a face {and a hat} which was only outdone when Mr S's real Uncle Jimmy rang. There was much squealing and giggling as the boys exclaimed, "Jimmy?! It's really Jimmy?" Which was followed up by endless rounds of giggling. I'm not sure Uncle Jimmy understand why he's such a celebrity, but anyway..

There was also much posing and begging for photos to be taken. I think this was his "serious" mode. Slightly less serious looking then the day his cousin said they should play wedding. There were no top hats that day, but Jayden was young enough she convinced him to wear her fancy gloves, play high heals, and a string of her toy pearls. I'm pretty sure we have a photo of that stashed away somewhere too!

There was also dressing up Mr Sparrow {who's really a kookaburra} for a special tea party he was going to. The tea party consisted of having his feathers brushed with my only brush & then sitting upon the fence to see if Mommy & Daddy blackbird would like to join him.

More picture posing. He's sucking on his bottom lip in an attempt not to giggle. Can you see the smile starting at the corner of his mouth? It makes me think of the kiss that was always hidden on Mrs Darling's lips in Peter Pan.

Then there was this, which absolutely freaked me out! I was upstairs packing and lugged a big old desk downstairs and out the door and caught the shape of a person out of the corner of my eye. Very nearly dropped the desk before muttering something like, "Hello?" thinking the gardner had turned up and I hadn't known. Once I put the desk down and turned around I couldn't stop laughing.

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