Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Spy Hole

I looked at our current house three times before signing lease papers. And, while that does seem excessive it's not the point of this post one little bit!

The real point is that freaky picture to the left! Do you know what my children said each time I came to check the house out? "Mom, we have to rent this house it has a SPY hole!" "Mom, we'll know if it's a stranger at the door, and we can ask everyone to give passwords before letting them in." "We need this house!"

It's something they raved and raved about and were just delighted to out to use. I was a bit more worried about what the password was going to be! The sad truth is, that when we moved in I hung things up to make it more homey. But, I have to be careful where I hang things until I get the green light that I put nails in the walls. Low and behold while cleaning the front door off I noticed a tiny hole in the door, from a tack, and decided to hang a plaque we'd been given there. The crazy plaque is just long enough that we can't use the peep hole!

That was okay until I spotted this little scene in the lounge room. You see, we live not far from Mr S's current employer and they carpool together! It's so nice. Only, when they come home at night sometimes they sit in the car for ages chattering away like a couple of silly girls. The night I took this photo was no different and I spotted Jayden and his shadow staring out the window.

Their plan had been to lock the front door and peep through the spy hole to check out who was there as a joke, only the dog not being able to speak and the boy being so excited totally forgot that the mother had hung a plaque on the door. The dog remained in this very position with his head between the blind slats while the boy had a near break down. I suggested he climb up and peer out the window of the door and demand to know who was knocking on the door. I told him it was just as safe as having access to the peep hole and I'd uncover it for him the following afternoon. {He didn't want me to uncover it right then because they Daddy would know he was up to no good!}

And so he agreed, except that even standing on top of the fullest beanbag he couldn't quite reach the window. It didn't, however, stop him from demanding a password. The wrong one was given. Demanding to know who it was. Demanding real proof that, "You are really Daddy and not a cyborg pretending to be my Dad!" Heaven help us all..

The funniest part, for me, was that Jayden ran off completely forgetting to unlock the door! Apparently he'd gone to snag his Narnia sword and Starwars gun to have a few defences just in case it was a cyborg and not his father, you know cause that's bound to happen, right? The dog, however took over at the door and thus Morgan, in complete confusion climbed up stares out the peep hole and says, "I can't see anything Jayden, maybe it is a cyborg!" To which their father says, "I can see you through the window, and I am not a cyborg." Morgan's response? "Oh yeah? Then what's the password?" "Open the door and let me in!!" 


Leslie said...

LOL Too funny!

Kimberlys Notebook said...

That is so funny!! Boys are SO much fun, their imaginations are priceless.

At first, I thought you were going to say that that "spy hole" peeped out to a playground of kids and that a nasty person had lived there before you. In today's world you never know.