Sunday, October 30, 2011

Revolutionary War Review

We wrapped up week 13 of our studies last week, which also brought the US Colonial period to an end for us. Next up is the Revolutionary War, & considering we spent six weeks studying it last week no one was too keen to spend another six weeks studying the same material this week. Instead, we've decided to consolidate six weeks into one week. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's not really.

Instead of using the designated text {which we loved}, we're pulling out a few other resources we didn't get to last time. We've also decided to watch all 40 short episodes of Liberty's Kids in one week. Or maybe that's more of a challenge for us, I'm not sure yet.

We will still use some of the same lapbooking pieces just so the boys can each have their own set tucked away in their timeline notebooks. We're adding a few new ones too, in place of a couple of the ones we used last time.

All in all, should be a fun, all be it, busy week ahead! The boys are both looking forward to it after wrapping up our last read aloud Regina Silsby's Secret War, which was just fantastic. It was a slower start and I wasn't completely sure about it, but the boys were swept away and delighted from start to finish.

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