Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our New Abode

I know family is dying to see pictures of the new place, so I snapped a few to share. Mind you, we're not completely unpacked yet. In fact, the office is so unpacked {Sorry Mr S.} that I refused to snap a photo of it or the small hall it shares with the craft room because the unpacked boxes and "stuff" seem to have oozed over into the hallway.

The picture to the left is actually what I can see from my bedroom window. I opened the blind the other morning and was looking to see if it was going to rain or not when I spotted a lorikeet in the purple tree there. I called out to Mr S, who was still have asleep, that there was a lorikeet in the tree. His response? "You've got to be kidding me!"

Remember the lorikeet that found it's way on our deck? After searching for his owner for 2.5 months we finally took the fellow to the local RSPCA. There were many tears shed over the whole thing, but we really didn't have the time to give him the attention he truly needed. It was sad because he was such a funny character, but he'd also taken to biting people, pulling hair {yes really!}, and screaming if he didn't have his way. When we last saw him the folks at the local RSPCA were laughing themselves silly trying to get him in a giant cage with plenty of wildflowers to enjoy. We all half expected the crazy thing to have escaped and been out in the tree, however when we opened the door to get a closer look it flew off, followed by a mate.

I'm starting at the far end of the house, and thanks to the lack of lighting and my refusal to use the flash the above picture is rather grainy. Oh well. It's the new craft room which is also suppose to be the guest room, but we had a slight issue with the bed. For one thing, the room is more rectangular then square so there wasn't enough room for a deep freeze, sewing table, and large bed without bumping your shins upon something. We're thinking a hide-a-bed {bed in a couch} might be the root to go..

Love my sewing table? Me too. My father-in-law made it many moons ago and a friend refinished it. It's a beautiful size for swing a quilt on or other sewing projects. I have many up my sleeve for Christmas. And yes, that's my niece's quilt on the table, yes the one I rushed to finish before she was born. We had two adorable outfits for her, but we've delayed getting them mailed so long we've decided to get her something a wee bit bigger. Her Mamma might prefer that considering the boys picked out the most hilarious Wonder Woman outfit I've ever seen. And yes, I bought it, but it was on the clearance shelf for only a couple of dollars so I figured even if her Mamma hated it it was no biggie.

I don't know why I took a picture of a hallway, but I did. As you can see the dog was promptly ignoring me, which is okay because I was ignoring him since he's not suppose to be in the house anyway. Check out his fancy crossed feet will ya? Behind me {not pictures obviously} is my insanely TINY laundry room, seriously I've had smaller, but only because they were closets. Clearly the builder of this home didn't have a large family sized washer. There's also a bathroom down there.. which is missing a shower head and has a giant door that needs to be put back on it's tracks so I completely refused to take photos. There's also a triangular closet down there that I keep smacking myself in the face with every time I open it. The light was terrible or I would have shown you exactly why I hit myself in the face with it..

First room up the hall is Morgan's. Yep, the boys went for separate rooms this time. Funny part? They still sleep in the same room. We'll be swapping this bed out for a bunk bed down the road so they can sleep in either room, and so we'll have a little extra space for company. You can just spot the edge of the giant clam sandbox that holds the legos these kids have. Oh, and that door, in the upper right hand corner, just more proof the builder loved his triangles. Seriously, another triangular closet. They aren't great for storing square things in..

Different view, same room. If you enlarge the picture you might be able to check out the quilt on the end of his bed. It's a Bottle Quilt. My mother-in-law has made one for each of her grandchildren. They are downright adorable! I have high hopes of snagging her pattern one day and making one with the various nature material we have around here and sending one to a niece or two. They really are sweet quilts.

Next room is Jayden's. Don't ask me why I snapped a photo before reminding him that we do not store clean laundry on the floor, so just pretend it's not laying there. There are no triangular closets in this room, which I'm very happy about but the crazy closet doors open in such a way I can't properly access the middle of the closet. When I lamented to Mr S he informed me that was normal. I have to say that none of our closets in America or Australia have ever had this problem before..

Check out his curtains? He informed me that he might be big now, but he still needed his Peter Rabbit curtains because Peter is a bunny and he loves bunnies. We found these curtains in an op-shop a while back and they've been hanging in his room ever since. He adores Peter Rabbit and at the ripe old age of four wowed and aunt, a handful of cousins, and an uncle when he sat there and "read" the book word perfect. Which caused a lot of giggling on the part of those of us who knew he'd memorised the story. We have a few wild bunnies that sneak into our garden and he's dubbed them Peter.

The lounge room from the hall/school area. No we do not school in the hall, you'll understand in a minutes. Yes the dog is still ignoring me, the feeling was mutual because I didn't even realize he was in the photo, Ha! And, because I know someone's going to ask, yes that's a Banana In Pyjamas book end which we use for a door stop. For one thing, the boys have really out grown good old B1 & B2, but for another it makes a lousy book end, but an awesome door stop.

Same room, different angle. My children had no idea what I was doing because watching tv is a new thing to them, or at least the movie they checked out of the library.  Why yes, I do have pictures on the wall thanks for asking! I informed the house that I was hanging photos this day because the blank walls were killing me, because we don't have permission to put nails in the walls yet I had to hunt around for holes all ready in the walls.

While hanging these pictures I up I noticed that each picture of Morgan vertical & each picture of Jayden was horizontal. Funny part, it's pretty standard for other photos we have of them too! I stood there laughing until Mr S came to see what was up, apparently he'd all ready made the connection. And just for a fun fact, that green sayings that looks crooked but I promise isn't, is held up by velcro. Seriously! It's this awesome stuff that comes up and down easily but holds up really well. I love it! It's a renter's dream come true.

The embroidered wedding pieces my mom did for us  actually had holes for nails all ready {thus the non-even placement on the wall}, but I was a wild child and stuck tacks to hang up the boys handprints. I've taken to leaving the newest handprints up on the wall each year and packing the older ones away for the Christmas Tree. We make then annually & have since Morgan was 2, all though we missed one year due to not being able to find white glue! In case your wondering, there's no glare on the first photo because the glass broke in that frame ages ago, someone closed a door and the thing fell off the wall and shattered. I was too cheap to replace the glass.

Our dining room, and yes it really does have pink carpet. I'm guessing that whatever person carpeted the dining room didn't have children, otherwise it wouldn't have carpet. And yes, we do have bright orange chairs, but at least they wash off really easy!

Our kitchen, and the only fault with the kitchen is that it has one, yes one, electrical outlet on the countertop for appliances. See my yogurt maker? The outlet is behind there and because the phone has to be plugged in there {only one phone jack in the house} I only have one outlet for appliances. Upside, the fridge has it's own outlet where it is, and so does the microwave in it's little niche. Seriously tempted to keep the toaster over the breakfast bar in the dining area.

School Area, if you look towards the left of the photo you'll see the strip of hall that runs up and down the long hallway, thus why I said earlier I was in the hall/school. Our table is still messy with posters to hang up because I ran out of the nifty poster tape which is also a renters delight. It's super heavy duty double stick stuff which can hold up a world map without letting it droop in the summer, but comes down very easily when you need to move house. As for our printer, it's still homeless at the moment. Thankfully it's a wireless printer so we can stash it anywhere, I love that!

This is the view from the backdoor which is in the school room area. Don't ask me why there's one single trampoline leg laying there, maybe a child is trying to drop a hint that we need to get it put together for him. There's actually a wonderfully good sized area towards the left for having a nifty veggie patch in this summer, we can't wait! Downside is we'll have to rabbit proof that area or we'll end up feeding bunnies instead of people. That small patch on the bottom left would make a great herb garden, but again bunnies..

Did you notice the gate in the fence in the last picture? It leads to a reserve where we've spotted the rabbit warren, and the whole big family of rabbits! We also spotted various birds {and a few leftover egg shells}, not to mention a protected water area which had some lovely water fowl in it. It'll make a lovely place for nature activities.


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing your new home Kendra! I love it!

Melissa said...

It's so spacious and sunny! You've done a lot of settling in already too! And I have to say, my Mattie woudl totally dig the orange chairs and pink carpet. You could do a lot with that. :)

Renelle said...

Looks like you've settling in nicely. Looking forward to hear what you come across in the reserve. Blessings, Renelle

Kylie said...

I can see that reserve will definitely get a good work out, looks like a great spot :-)

Nancy Ann said...

It's wonderful. Spacious with a wonderful back yard!!