Friday, October 7, 2011

Moving House

The past week and a half have been a frenzy of packing, taping, & stacking boxes. Loading them on a variety of moving vehicles & then repeating the process in reverse at the new location. In which time I had plenty of time to reflect on moving.

And, my reflecting led me to conclude that moving must be some absurd form of self torture. There's the house hunting in hopes of finding something that fits your needs, the hunt for boxes {because I'm too cheap to pay for them}, the tangle of tape as you attempt to seal boxes, the lost marker so no one marks boxes, and then the stacking and moving of boxes just so you can repeat the whole process on the other side. Who on earth thought this sick game up anyway?? 

I have to admit though, that after moving across the world I've got packing down to a pretty good art now. I'm not one of those half hearted packers who takes months to pack a house. In fact, I had our house packed in days, thanks to the help of a couple of little boys who are real troopers when it came to lugging boxes of books, toys, and other "stuff" up and down our steps. All 12 of them, and yes I know exactly how many stairs were in the old house because I had to pay the carpet cleaner $2 per stair to clean those things!

There was also a lot of mad dashing around town while I begged every store I could think of for boxes. Did you know that most stores crush up boxes these days and won't let you have them once they do? Did you also know that if you rush into a store you frequent and greet them with, "Please, can I have those boxes you just put outside?" They will give you funny looks while happily permitting you to take the boxes. And, your husband is bound to think you've officially flipped your lid when you slam on breaks dash out of the car and race the trash man to snag boxes from the local primary school. But, rest assured I didn't fork out a dime for boxes, which made all the mad dashing and racing worth it.

Be forewarned that when you pull out pet carries to transfer small pets to new homes your children will become overly giddy thinking you're trundling off to the RSPCA to bring home a lovely new bundle of fur or feathers. Seriously. The guinea pigs who will have to ride in it will also add their squeals of distaste when you chuck them in without so much as a slice of carrot too.

Lego. That's a sentence right? Seriously, we have a lot of lego that normally resides in half of one of those turtle/clam sandboxes. Packing it was a chore, but one I moved out of the way relatively quickly. My first huge box home I loudly announced over the picnic breakfast on the lounge floor that today I was packing lego. Oh the horror until I said one small sentence, "Well, if I pack it now little chance of it getting lost in transit." There were some really eager hands waiting to help me pack up those pesky chunks of plastic.

I'm not kidding when I said it was a huge box! Unfortunately, I still tripped on lego while I finished packing and cleaning. I found lego in the car, the vacuum, the back of the moving truck, the tupperware box, the book boxes, and one morning after the boys could no longer await me unpacking it I tripped over it when I got out of bed too. Oh how I loathe and love lego, are you with me on that one?

 The boys are eager to check out the reserve behind our house, and I'm hoping the water way back there will have some tadpoles for keeping an eye on this summer. Maybe even a swan or too. And while we don't have any nesting blackbirds, we did spot two rainbow lorikeets yesterday! I miss the view from the old house, I miss walking on the beach each day, but I welcome the new adventures ahead.


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