Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Mouse

As you might well remember we had some mouse issues in the old house, and I admit the thought of not having to deal with the mice next winter excited me when Mr S announced that we needed to move. However, the infestation we had this past winter made me dread the thought of unpacking the "creepy" closet as it became dubbed.

After much loathing and griping and a serious pep talk I braved it and dashed up stairs to that icky closet and began packing. My mother-in-law, who was staying with us, was kindly sewing up some curtains I'd taken down a week earlier and dismantled and happened to be in the adjoining room.

Once I finished packing the entire room I walked into the sewing area and said, "Well, the good news is we're all packed up. The bad news is I did find a mouse." My poor mother-in-law nearly flew out of her chair before I produced the mouse I'd found:

That's right, I stumbled upon one of these crazy toys and couldn't resist a good joke about it. When Mr S came home that evening I proudly declared that I had, all on my own, gutted it up and packed up the creepy closet. There was much hooraying and thumping on the backs happening before I declared, "But I didn't find a mouse in it."

"Really? Did you scream?"
"Yes, and no I didn't .. this time."
"Where was it?"
"On the game shelf, eating a piece of cheese."
"Really!! Eating cheese!!"
"Yep, just sitting there as pretty as you please nibbling on some cheese and not at all offended that I walked in to it's lair."

As this point we're all laughing, including Mr S because the thought of the mouse sitting there nibbling a block of cheese tickled him pink to no end. I then stood up produced the mouse from my pocket. And there was much more laughing.

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