Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mail Center

In our last house things were pretty centrally located, and dropping mail on the counter or Mr S's desk for him was pretty easy. We've got a different set up in the new place and that made dropping mail anywhere a bit more difficult. I was thinking how it would be grand to have a place near the door for it when I remembered seeing a few floating around the internet.

The best part of this craft was that I had all the supplies on hand, and with a little recycling there was no need to pick up anything other then glue sticks. I actually had glue sticks, but they were the big ones for the glue gun that blew up last year while the boys were making Christmas ornaments.

And yes, it really blew up with a bang and a pop and everything. In fact, there was even smoke. I had to brave spiders and lizards to go flip the switches in the fuse box to get the power back up and running. Apparently the new glue gun came with glue sticks and I didn't bother to get additional. Whoops.

Anyway, I used the instructions which can be found here, all though I did debate this one. I'm also going to state that I didn't follow the instructions exactly. For instance, I had stiff interfacing that was iron-on, but not double sided. I ironed it on to one side and then used my quilting adhesive to stick it to the second side. If you're doing like the tutorial and sew a ribbon across the top it will hold for sure, but honestly I don't think the adhesive will give because it's not like I'm throwing the mail sorter in the washer. The adhesive stays until it's washed

I also had to adjust the pattern sizes {slightly} because my canvas was longer but slimmer. And, my staple gun was MIA so instead I used thumb tacks. It all worked.

A local store sells canvases pretty inexpensively and we usually have a few on hand. The one I used was actually an old one Jayden had attempted to paint when he was only 4. I asked him if I could have it for my craft and his response was, "It wasn't one of my better pieces." Yes, I laughed.

I thought the very top of it needed something in the empty space and I was looking through the ribbon and found sticky ribbon, you know the kind with tape on the back of it, that matched the colors of the fabric. I think I paid $2 for it ages ago and only used a small piece then. I even had those funky chipboard letters. I was keen to leave them off, but Mr S was certain we needed it up there. You know, in case anyone breaks in and wonders where we keep our mail. Because everyone needs to steal a Dick Smith or Coles flyer, right?

The little metal words were in my stash too. They mean absolutely nothing in regards to the mail, but Mr S thought they looked good on there so I hot glued them on. That's right, I cheated and used the glue gun. I was actually going to use some various postage stamp buttons I had, but Mr S felt the metal things were better.

My mil had the Aussie material in her stash and gave it to me a while back. I was going to make throws for the couch with it, but it was the only big enough chunk in my stash to get three matching pockets on my canvas. My canvas was a bit taller and thinner then the one in the original tutorial, so I added a third pocket. Right now we have "junk mail", "our mail", "mil's mail", so three pockets is perfect.


Diana said...

FYI: The link for the other pattern you debated on using is not working. :)

Kendra said...

Thanks for the warning Diana. :) I think I've fixed it! lol