Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Cake

How's that for a birthday cake? Can you say sugar-high? I spotted this cake floating around the internet and was looking for a great excuse to try making it, my sister-in-law's birthday seemed the perfect excuse! It's actually a round chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing & then we put kit-kat around it and filled the remaining space between the top of the cake and the top of the kit-kats with Smarties. Not exactly sugar-free for the topping, but it was an amazing site to be behold. I dug out the candles from Morgan's birthday and popped it in the candy and the colors were a perfect match!

Wanna know how many bags of Smarties are in there? Four. No, really. It took us 3.25 of the family sized kit-kat bars to cover that crazy cake too. The best part? Deciding how to slice the monstrosity! In the end we scraped the Smarties off the top and put them in two bowls, pried off a few kit-kat to access the cake, & then tricked everyone who'd not been present for the ideal by telling them we'd all ready eaten all the candy. Cruel, I know! Fun cake, even if it was difficult to slice..

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Sheryl said...

Kendra - that cake is FABULOUS!

My kids are reading "The Chocolate Touch" with their friends and we are hosting a party next week for the group. I now have every intention to steal their Trick-or-Treat candy (ahem... momma's rights) to make one of these cakes for the group. So very fun!