Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Planner

It would be completely fair to say I might have an addiction to planners. Both homemade and store bought. I've actually be working on designing a planner that's small enough to carry around with me. Not that we go that many places, but I've lost a few too many Dr & Dentist appointment times and only remember when they give you their 24 hour reminder call. I hate that.

The problem with designing a small planner was how was I going to bind it up. I've bound smaller things and merely cut down the ProClick spines before, but that wasn't really the route I wanted to go this time.

I considered buying a planner just for the planner itself and then filling it with my pages. In fact, I picked up a super cheap one off ebay only to realize that I should have considered the need for a special hole punch too.

During my wanderings I spotted iHanna's idea to make your own from a normal notebook. This is possible in Australia where two ring notebooks abound, but it was a little trickier to find anything that wasn't a d-ring. I hate d-ring notebooks, I know people love them and they are suppose to be all the rage, but I don't. Every d-ring notebook we have has caused torn papers, so I'm not a fan.

Remember a couple of years back when I did the Harry Potter unit with the boys? I'd picked them each up an HP notebook from a local shop on the marked down table. One of those was still floating around and happened to have 2 circle rings that were placed on the spine of the notebook. After a bit of measuring & locating a utility knife I finally got mine cut to size. I went with a slightly bigger size then the original tutorial & keep debating resizing it, but for now I'm good with it.

Due to making mine a little bigger covering the outside of it was a wee bit trickier because I was determined to use some paper I'd cut for another project. Had I been using full sized 12x12 pieces it might have been a wee bit easier, I'm not sure. When I was done I covered the whole thing in contact paper on the outside, and then glued a piece of paper on the inside covers . I made the bookmark from an old plastic notebook that was hanging around and put the funny pumpkin on there, the dots at the top were a rub-on that I had. Then I was able to create all my dividers from scrapbook paper and some cards that my family has sent to me.

Believe it or not, I've saved each card my family has sent me in a little plastic box. the idea was to use the pictures and some of the sayings for scrapbooking projects. And yes, I've saved just about every card my husband has given me, and my children. {But, we tend to only give cards on birthdays & anniversaries, all though Mom sticks a card in most of the packages she sends.} I only ended up using cards from my family in the planner. On a few of them I even cut out some of the personal handwriting, either because it was funny or sweet or both.

I'd tell you that the above house shaped card is my favorite just because of it's shape, but then I'd see another card in my stash and say that one was my favorite so I'll just say that I really loved the house card because it was so cute & doesn't it make the perfect divider for housing my addresses?

This card surprised me when it arrived in the mail last year & totally cracked me up too. My "little" brother sent it to me after a chat we'd had a few weeks earlier about how he use to tease me unmercifully as kids about how he was really older just because his birthday was in October. I was silly enough to think he might be right and would go wailing off to Mom about it. Now, every time I jot a birthday done in my planner I'm going to laugh myself silly over it.

I put the cards on the front of the dividers and on the back I either put the handwritten notes and/or the insert from the card. This particular divider is a pocket to hold important receipts and what not. The other half of the picture is slightly blurry because it's a plastic pocket holding blu-tac. We survive on blu-tac around here and when we moved and couldn't find our packet of it I rushed out to buy a brand new packet of it, and within hours it was literally missing. We called in a major search party for it to no avail and had to go back to town for more! I procured a small piece incase the second packet jumped ship!

All in all, I'm quite happy with it. I may, or may not, cut down the size of it at some point, but for now I need to fill it up with the mini planner I've been working on over the past few months and give the thing a proper test run! My only major complaint with it would have to be the two rings though. I'm not a fan of two ring notebooks merely because I feel they hold the middle of your paper in place but don't hold the ends, we'll see how it goes though! 


The Zookeeper said...

Kendra love your idea! and i must admit i hate the 24 hour reminder call lol well because im normally needing the reminder!!!!!

Jen's Busy Days said...

I have started to print out my own calender pages. They incorporate zone cleaning ideas from FlyLady, menu planning and event planning. I could send you a sample week if you want to see how it works.

For last term I printed and bound the pages but this term I have them in a slim 3 ring binder (sorry, it is a d ring). This term I have decided to leave it loose so to speak so I can add in journal pages or shopping lists etc in between the calendar pages and then bind later for a record of what I do.

By the way I don't put birthdays all in one section of my binder. I put them on a page behind the 2 page spread of the monthly calendar. Each month's big cleaning projects are also there on the same page.

Good luck with your new planning system, I hope it works well.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW