Monday, October 24, 2011

12 Years Ago..

Twelve years ago I was reciting my marriage vows standing next to a tall lanky fellow from Australia. His side of the garden had more guests on it then my side & I was terrified the preacher would mistakingly call him Kenneth again.
Thinking back on it, it’s funny to me now. The excitement, the nerves, the calamities. The desperation for a drink when you’re all ready in your wedding dress and everyone is terrified you’ll spill on it. My cousin’s panic that she’d need a band-aid for her belly button because at 7 months it was becoming an outie. My soon to be niece shivering like mad because it turned out to be the coldest day of the month! The delayed start as we waited on out of town guests to find their way {they showed up as we were leaving and my parents threw in the wedding tape for them to watch..} 
If I stood there now watching myself get married I wonder what I’d think, would I still find it amusing? Would I warn myself that my brother-in-law is hiding a three pound sack of birdseed behind his back and I’ll spend the first three months of my married life picking it out of my hair, ears, clothes, and car?
Mostly, I think I’d tell myself that it in twelve years time everyone will still laugh about the frigid weather. That my husband’s Granny will never forget us because she’ll remember freezing her toes off at our outdoor ceremony.
I’d warn myself that my husband will not sleep through tornado season for the next eight years of his life. I’d warn myself that I won’t either because he’ll insist we all sleep in the hallway or the bathtub or some other absurd spot that is most certainly not comfy but gives him enormous peace of mind that we’re safe.
I’d tell myself that no matter how scary the INS people look and no matter what big terms they like to throw around, I can provide them with enough paperwork to scare them not to mention repaper their office walls.
I’d warn myself that morning sickness doesn’t last just for the morning, but all day long; & it’s worth it. I’d tell myself to believe every granny and mother of grown children I pass, because children really do grow too fast.
I’d warn myself that once we no longer live in tornado valley we still won’t sleep through wind or thunder storms because our children will now feel the need to snuggle up in bed with us.
I’d suggest that I start working on cork clothing to protect myself against the flies in Australia. I’d have cornered the market by now! I’d probably suggest that I take out stock in bug repellant while I was at it because I’d know the size and speed of an Aussie mozzie.

I’d tell myself to not plan much for Saturday mornings because we’ll be too busy being horribly lazy with silly games, skyping family, and refusing to get out of bed before 10 in the winter. I’d remind myself not to feel guilty for it because I know the kids will cherish those memories.
I’d tell myself that the most traumatic thing to happen isn’t losing your wedding band in the grass, having a bad hair day, or losing your job. It’s losing your child, but I’d assure myself that I’d make it through and eventually smile again.
I’d let myself know that it’s best to always carry my mobile phone so that my husband doesn’t spend the entire hour I’m out walking every morning panicking about my safety.
I’d remind myself that if my husband does the dishes it’s his way of saying, “I love you.” and there’s no need to sweat the fact that the trash bin is overflowing. After all, it’s only trash!

I’d tell myself that there’s no need to sweat post pregnancy stretch marks or wrinkles of any kind because my husband never fails to tell me I’m beautiful and amazing even when I think I look like I’ve been plowed over by a Mac Truck.
I’m pretty sure the me from twelve years ago would nod politely and smile and  then laugh because I’d think the me from now was completely crazy, but I’d learn soon enough that she was right..


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary, Kendra! Loved hearing all those things you've learned.

Diana said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Loved your list!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post :)

Kimberlys Notebook said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the things you've learned and it's just shows how we mature with age and see the simple things are always the best.

Lisa Yeoman said...

So glad you've learned to have you mobile phone with you always. It's really hard to be thinking about someone's safety. I would understand how your husband react.