Monday, September 5, 2011

Math Journals

We're still having fun with our Math Journals on a near daily basis around here. We've gotten into a simple, effective, and fun routine with them, and it's often how we start out day.

The page to the left if one both boys do, all though honestly it's very  below Morgan and he doesn't need to do it. He hasn't complained about it though so I've not told him to drop it, and since I've not come up with a flashier daily page for him we carry on..

I did not create the page to the left, all though I think it's awesome. Mrs. Carroll from her Teacher's Pay Teacher's store. It is geared for the younger crowd, which works very well for Jayden. It let's him brush up on lots of skills each day, & repetition is a good thing at this age.

The page has them writing the date both ways {digits only/digits & words}, works on number words, telling time, greater then & less then, tally marks, place value, money, & more. For us, it also includes working on rounding.

Because we don't have pennies here the boys have to round up or down to figure out how much money to put in the piggy bank. Again, it's all just great review for Morgan, but it's perfect for Jayden. The first time we did one of these pages it probably took us about 20-30 minutes to talk it through so he new what to do with it, but now they can both do it in a matter of minutes with out much help.  The teacher who made it designed it for her classroom so we've edited a few things. For instance, we don't have a pattern of the day so we skip it, all though sometimes the boys like to make up their own pattern. I often pull from the date to tell the kids a time. Sometimes I give time down to the minute, sometimes not.

We also have a math jar, which I seem to have lost my photo of. It's basically an empty glass jar with a lid. Inside are word problems. I have one for each child, and each day they pull out a word problem read it over and solve it. The idea is that they solve it in their journal. First they solve it mathematically, then they write down why they chose to solve it the way they did.

Most of our word problems now come from the these three Scholastic books. I've picked them up at different sales and they each have a range of problems inside of them. Every Day Of The School Year Math Problems has a large variety of problems from simplistic word problems to actual challenges. There's an entire break down in the front on how to get the most from the book, and I have to say that's a really good section to read through because there's just so much in the book!  5-Minute Math Problems Of The Day has problems broken down by topic which is quick and simple if you're working on a specific thing and want a daily problem {or more} to go along with it. 200 Super-Fun Super-Fast, Math Story Problems has something written for each day of every month! The really fun thing about this is you can also pick it up one month at a time from Scholastic's e-store. Funtastic!

The fun thing about the math notebook/journal bits I picked up from TPT is that it came with lots of other goodies in for littles. Jayden loves having those handy in his notebook. Days of the week, months of the year, number words, hundreds chart, and on goes the list. I love all those little bits for him! One of the handy pages inside was meant specifically for solving math problems on, the boys generally use this page, specifically, for solving their word problem of the day! We've also used plain A4 paper, graph paper, or even typical lined school paper. I just liked the way this page was broken down with defined space for writing and drawing.

The boys also have notebooking pages in their math journals. Yep, you read that right. When the boys learn a new concept we don't just define the word in their journal, but sometimes they'll want to make a notebooking page for the new topic. The page above is one Jayden made after learning about horizontal, vertical, and oblique lines. He knew what he wanted on the paper and asked me to write it for him. He used a ruler to make his lines, and then thought of letters that fit the term which we also added. He asked me to write bubble words at the top which he colored in and then added the lines at the side. He pulls this page out if he has a "blank moment" when trying to remember which directional line is which. All in all, our math journals seem to get a pretty good workout!


Sheryll said...

I forget how old your kids are and I don't see it in your sidebar. (hint, hint!) Are any of these story problems in the grade one range? I've been upping our math around here lately for my nearly 7yo and would love to add some simple word problems in!

We use a calendar notebook similar to Mama Jenn's...

I love the idea of your daily sheet also. Notebooking, need to do more notebooking!

Laurie said...

Great info.! Thanks.

Can you tell us which item you purchased from Mrs. Carroll? That looks like a nice page to get things started for the day.

Kendra said...

That page comes from the packet called "Calendar Companion" :)

Laurie said...

Thanks again! I ordered it and we did our first page today. It is perfect for my 8 year old and I had my other boys join in too (review never hurts!). I am also going have my boys put together a notebook as Mrs. Carroll's instructions show.