Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homeschool Meme

I'm clearly out of the loop because I had no idea there was a homeschool meme going around until the lovely Gae over at Cherished Hearts At Home told me I'd been tagged! Then, while blog hopping this morning I stumbled upon another blog that had also been tagged in the meme and had answered the same questions. Here's the nine questions and my answers:

1. One homeschool book you've enjoyed?

There a few I really do enjoy, but one I open up quite a bit would be Rebecca Rupp's Homelearning Year By Year as well as her The Complete Home Learning Source Book. Both are a wealth of information, especially for those who homeschool in the US, but I don't think one is limited by that either. I don't live in the US, and find both books really helpful in regards to wonderful resources to use, fun ideas, games, videos, etc. While I may not read them on a daily basis, I enjoy having them and do pull them out each time we embark on a new study.

2. One Resources You Wouldn't Be Without?

Oh my, there are so many "things" we use on a daily basis around here in our little school, but honestly I'd probably be in a real pickle without my books A Collection Of Math Lessons. When I can see a child struggling with a concept, when I want to introduce a concept in a fun way, when I need a new game to play with them.. basically anything mathy I need more info on I can whip out these books and find what I'm looking for. Don't tell Mr S, but I could easily ditch all the other math helps we have and be just fine with this little set!

3. One Resources You Wish You'd Never Bought?

I could name a couple to be honest! However, top of the list, hands down, would have to be Math Mammoth books. I know a lot of homeschoolers really rave about the curriculum, but it was not a good fit for our family. Nope, not for us. Understand, that it doesn't mean it's a poor product, it merely means it was not for us.

4. One Resources You Enjoyed Last Year?

Okay, this is a hard question. We school from January - December. We're all ready 98 days into our new school year, yes really. So I really hard to think hard about what I bought last year and I'm really coming up with nothing. BUT, we really have enjoyed our Grapevine Bible lessons. My boys beg for more of this. In fact, we love it so much I recently wrote a review about this curriculum!  Having said that reminds me we bought the Scripture Adventure Easter Adventure last year too and we really enjoyed that as well!

5. One Resources You Will Be Using Next Year?

Well... I've actually had this under wraps for a while and was planning a blog post about it, but we will be switching to Sonlight next year. We have enjoyed our time with Winters Promise, and the book selections have been fun as we've plowed our way through them. However, for a variety of reasons we are switching to Sonlight next year and will, most likely, remain there for the duration. I'll explain better about this in another post, because I'm afraid I might get carried away if I started now!

6. One Resource You Would Like To Buy?

Well, I have quite a few of the Apologia Science books on my list right now. We've decided we need to beef science up around here and when I asked the boys which branch of science they wanted to study they were torn between Biology & Zoology. Of course, once I purchased zoology {but found out I have to wait an extra few weeks for the jr notebook for my younger student} the boys said they would love to do Biology first. So I'd definitely say Apologia science & their accompanying journals.

7. One Resource You Wish Existed?

Okay, so in a dream world there'd be a huge library that actually had every book I needed/wanted and I could pop in anytime and not have to worry about finding the book because it would actually be where it belongs. Aside from that, I really wish my area home educational group had a co-op. Nothing fancy at all, but I'd love that experience for my children. Growing up my parents actually lead a small homeschool group and thanks to that my siblings and I experienced mini science fairs, putting on productions {music & drama}, speaking in front of an audience, organised excursions, and so on.

I've honestly considered contacting a few families to see if they want to do a few of these things together, but I'll admit I'm not sure I'm up to the task of being chief organizer. For now, the boys and I are considering asking one or two families if they'd like to start a book club with us. Of course, that was before we found out we have to move..

8. One Homeschool Catalog You Enjoy Reading?

I confess I never get any. It's true, I don't. I heard wonderful things about the Winter Promise & Sonlight catalogs and decided to sign up for a copy each. My WP catalog never arrived and the SL catalog apparently changed it's layout this year and I didn't see anything special about it. That, in fact, was the first {and probably last} homeschool catalog I've ever received.

9. One Homeschooling Website you Use Regularly?

Hmm, well if message boards count I frequent a couple of those each week. I read a couple of blogs regularly, & I will confess that we use to use Homeschool Share very frequently, but haven't as much this past year. I also frequent The Curriculum Choice.

Tag 6 Other Homeschoolers:

Oo, I always hesitate at the tagging part of memes! I do, I really do.. let's see, in no particular order:

1. Nadene over at Practical Pages. I really love her practical advise & her free notebooking/lapboking pages. She's also in the Southern Hemisphere so she's probably not starting a new school term right now, but anyway..

2. Cindy over at Our Journey Westward. I always enjoy checking out the fun she and her kids are having. Plus, anyone who takes a stand against magazines with less then desireable photos on them in the checkout lines catches my attention!

3. Michele over at My Blessings From Above. Another fun homeschooling family, always up to fun things! My boys are totally smitten with her boys {via photos} because her son's are from S. Korea which is on Morgan's "bucket" list of places to visit. He's in total awe.

4. Tracey over at Horsing Around At Home. I've been watching Tracey's blog since she started. I'm eager to try her rock recipes with the boys as we continue our rock exploration!

5. Jen over at Jen's Little Things. Next time I'm in the states I'm going to just make one of those surprise visits to Jen's place so I can go on some of the spectacular field trips she goes on. Seriously. It looks like a lot of fun!

6. Jennifer over at Adventures in Unsell Land!  Not only do they get up to some really fun stuff, you can check out her family's adventures with Apologia Science {I mentioned it above} to see why it looks so amazing. And, you really must read back through her blog and find the picture of her husband doing Wii Dance with her daughters. I laughed myself silly for days.


Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed reading your answers.
But was shocked to read you were moving. If personal send me an e-mail. Not sure of situation but let us know if we can help in anyway, even staying here etc.

Jen said...

Oh my! That's me! How exciting! haha I will have to think on this...

Kendra said...

Yes, it's you! lol Can I come to the splash pad next time I'm in the states? ;)

Jen said...

Of course!! Rachel and I will even share our snacks! ; )

Tracey said...

Hey Kendra, thanks for the mention. I loved reading your answers to the questions.