Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Warning: I’m going to talk about a touchy subject here, and I only call it a touchy subject because I know that many people do not approve of it. However, I’m choosing to share it here because this is, after all, my blog. It is a collection of things that my family is doing. It’s written here with the intention of sharing it with my family who live continents away. It’s also written here because we like to flip though our own blog and look back on the many accomplishments, failures, fun, and adventures we’ve had in a year. We’re geeky like that!
With that said, I’m going to speak about the Harry Potter book{s} here. I get it if you don’t like them, don’t approve of them, and don’t “do” them in your family. I’m not judging you & I simply ask that if you don’t agree you just flip past this post.
Morgan recently asked if he could read the first Harry Potter book and was delighted when Mr S and I said yes. It’s not that he’s unfamiliar with them, we’ve actually listened to book one and two with both boys in the past. We’ve not permitted them to move beyond those two books, all though we did tell Morgan we’d read and/or listen to book three with him this year. All though, chances are now that he’s reading book one we’ll most likely not get to that one this year. 
The book is actually something Morgan and I are reading together in the afternoons or evenings. Well, we’re suppose to be reading it together, but once Morgan starts reading the child reads so fast that a person can’t get a word in edgewise. And, I have to say he has the best voice ever for Aunt Petunia! 
This is a big deal for Morgan, on a whole lot of levels. For one thing it’s taken him a while to feel confident enough to even consider checking out or attempting to read chapter books. He’s actually been known to panic when I pull a book off the shelf and say things like, “I’d like for you to read this by...” So to have him request a chapter book, and one with over 100 pages in it, no pictures, and very small font really floored me. 
I decided to surprise him and picked up a Harry Potter cookbook to accompany his readings. Morgan has requested to learn to cook more this year and I figured this was a great opportunity for him. When he found out we had a book with recipes for Pumpkin Juice & Knickerbocker’s Glory he was all over that. And yes, we've had pumpkin juice before!

Which means Friday afternoons/evenings will now be Harry Potter recipe nights. He’s chosen to make Double Chocolate Ice Cream on his first night, and I’ve equally convinced him to make the fruitcake recipe too because I’m not sure my poor head {migraines} could handle the ice cream which sounds extremely delicious!
The book is actually called The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. There’s more then one floating around, and I was torn between the two e-versions I could snag for the ipad, but settled on this one.
The recipes all seem relatively simple and ones he’ll be able to make with very little help. It’s only downfall, that I can see at this point, is that the recipes aren’t broken down by book, but rather by place or event. In other words there’s a chapter about foods cooked in the Dursley’s home & foods cooked at feasts, and so on. Morgan was quite set on cooking foods, for now, only from book one so we simply used the search feature.
All though why I’m not sure because the moment I read “Double Chocolate Ice Cream” he was pretty well content and set for what he wanted to make! What can I say, he’s a chocolate lover!


Hallie said...

I really respected your opening and hope others do too... As you mentioned, we "do" Harry Potter, in moderation at this point to keep it age appropriate. For now, we are sticking with book one. Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to check out this book, my girls would love it!!

Kylie said...

AS you said, your blog, your family, there should be no need to apologise in advance.

I have held off on HP too, am considering a box set for a birthday in October though. My main reason is that after the books are finished he will want to watch the movies....arrgghhh!! Have you thought about that component and what you will do?

Kendra said...

Our eldest has been permitted to see movies 1 & 2. All though he doesn't remember 2. He's eager to see more, but we told him movie 2 has a snake in it as "the bad guy". He's frightened of snakes, so we'll see what happens there. We're okay with him seeing movie 3 at this point {age}, but I don't know if we'll go through with it due to the Grimm. He's afraid of dogs he doesn't know after an accident as a younger child. At this point it's not a HUGE issue because little brother is too young to see them and since we don't send the littlest away from the area while watching films.. haha Plus, our eldest knows that M rated films are not permitted to be viewed in our home by anyone under the age of 16. HAHA, we may change that stance in a few years, but it works towards our advantage right now. ;) Honestly, I don't mind the films, but I don't really go ga-ga for them because they skip SOOO much stuff from the books anyway.

Sheryll said...

I'm so glad you posted this, you had a Harry Potter recipe listed on the schedule you posted in an earlier post. I was wondering what in the world you were referring to! I've never seen the cookbook before. My oldest is just six and we haven't introduced any HP yet, but it's a series I hope all of my kids will want to read one day.

Melody said...

My son, who is 13, and I have read all of the Harry Potter books and I highly recommend them. I realize that it's an individual choice. Although my daughter could read them, she doesn't want to and has never been interested in them. Recently we've been looking for a recipe for butter beer, so I'm going to check into the book you mentioned. :-)

Kendra said...

Melody, it has a recipe for butter beer in it. :) I've seen a few of those free around the net too, they are all different!

Kylie said...

Thanks Kendra :-)