Sunday, September 18, 2011

Father's Day In Pictures

We woke up the Saturday before Father's Day {Sept. 7} to two very excited little boys who were tired of having presents hidden in their closets. So, they'd woken up with the decision to hide the presents around the house and have Daddy find them.

It was incredibly funny because Mr S was enjoying not getting out of bed and the boys kept popping the door open and saying things like, "Aren't you excited? It's Father's Day! Get up! We're waiting!" Finally they came in and announced, very loudly, "We've hidden your presents because you've taken so long and now you'll have to find them!"

When Mr S finally made it to the living room he was greeted by Jayden hiding a giggle and trying very hard not to look at the place he'd hidden his package.

After the giggling finally settled down enough they informed Mr S that they were celebrating Father's Day early, and so Mr S obliging spent the next 10 minutes looking for presents.

Jayden hid his present in the oven, and much to Nana's relief it was discovered before anyone switched it on. Of course Jayden was utterly shocked that it was discovered so quickly, but equally delighted.

And what could possibly be in the package causing so much glee? It was not the croquette set he'd so desperately wanted to buy that's for sure. Apparently our town no longer sells them, and he had grand plans of making one until I told him that he could not snatch up any more of my hangers or I'd have to start flinging clean clothes upon the floor. I know, I know.. I should have let him..

There was very nearly heart failure as the prize was attempted to be removed from the box. There was also much squealing and hand wrenching in attempts not to snatch it up and use it before Mr S had a chance.

That's right folks, after years of being the target for the boys Nerf weapons, Mr S now gets to fight back! And there was much squealing and gigling! Mr S's even came with a clip that holds 6, which seemed really fancy until you realise it's the only way the weapon holds any bullets at all.

This crazy thing caused a lot of commotion as it took Mr S a while to work out how it worked. It is scary that I had a no issues in that department? In fact, I was found, at one point, flying across the yard chasing the boys down after their lovely "sneak attack on Mom while she's trying to make breakfast!" They decided it might be better, after that, to sneak up on their Nana instead.

What do you think Morgan picked out? What could possibly make Mr S laugh so hard he was nearly doubled up on the floor? What could it be that Morgan was so certain Daddy had always wanted because Daddy once said, "That'd be so funny!"

That's right, a drinking hat. Complete with two tins of Lemon-Lime solo. And can I just advise anyone who ever has a child buy them one.. Don't drink one can of anything with that crazy gizmo. Especially not if your wife is sitting next to you because she will wear the drink as it leaks out the hose, and if she tries to clamp off the house you will not be able to stop drinking on the other end. It was quite a trick to figure out and the cause of much laughter.

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