Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuk Tuk Taxi

This past weekend was miserably wet and blah. To top it off with Jayden had a cold, which came on very suddenly for the poor fellow. There was much misery, mostly over the cold, because we missed out on a fun field trip to the local Science Museum which currently has a Spy theme happening.

After a spazzy Skype phone call to their grandparents {Happy Birthday Dad} that was cut short when someone tripped over the cords.. No one's owning up to the problem, and I just have to say I'm kinda glad the conversation happened on Saturday and not Sunday because for the second time we had a transformer blow up in our neighborhood and it took the power out for an hour or so. {And for the record, never say to little boys, "Wow, did you see that transformer blow up!" because they'll ask if it was a decepticon or an auto bot..} In the end I suggested we play a game. We had several new ones that we wanted to try out not to mention a cupboard full of old favorites. The problem was, everyone was screaming the name of a different game!

We solved the problem by encouraging everyone to drag out 2-3 of their favorite games. Then Mr S. wrote all the names down on paper and we dumped them in a hat and took turns pulling them out. We did not play for two straight days, rather we played a game or two and then went about other activities and then when I heard the "I'm bored" footsteps coming I suggested we play another game.

We had quite the array of games out including math games which my kids consider good fun. One of the games chosen to play is called Tuk Tuk Taxi. This is a game the boys and I picked out for Mr S's birthday last year or the year before. It's been played many times and can become quite the competitive game amongst the men-folk. All though, honestly, I've seen Mr S, two of his brothers, and his mother have the most intense and wild game of Tuk Tuk Taxi ever!

The object of the game is to collect 2-3 passengers and be the first person to do so and return to your taxi station. The catch? You can only collect one passenger at a time. You have to obey the road rules in order to do so, and those rules/laws can change with the shake of a dice, the evil grin of your opponent, or the wise and clever move of yourself!

At the start of each turn you pluck a token to place on the game board. {I sewed a little draw string bag for our tokens.} You place it on the board as desired, roll the dice and off you go. This corner of the board if Mr S's corner. The boys were really after him with that stack of tokens! As for that passenger saying, "Taxi" in the right hand corner. That was mine. I felt he looked like Jesus so I took him to the beach so he could relax for a little bit. The boys thought I was being incredibly silly, and Mr S was speechless with.. laughter. I mean to say, when you have a job as big as Jesus you need a beach vacation once in a while, right?!

Come on, tell me that doesn't look like Jesus! Don't ask me why he's taking a taxi though. I must say though, I didn't hit a single speed bump, traffic light, or token on the board to hinder me while he was in my car. In fact, I hit a token that permitted me to roll again followed by one that permitted me to move 5 extra spaces landing Jesus perfectly safely on the beach!

Check out the variety of tokens! Each one means something different and you have have to "obey" it. There's also traffic lights on the board that occasionally come into play. Occasionally, as in if you pass by one it may effect how many spaces you can move based on what you rolled with the dice. See, the die is also coded with Red, Green, & Yellow. Snazzy, eh? {And just because I occasionally use the term "eh" does not make me Canadian.. just for the record!}

It really is a fun game and when you tire of the typical scenery and roadside, you can flip the game over and play on a whole new one. I prefer the side you see in the picture simply because the other side is a night scene and I have issues differentiating between puzzle cracks and road lines. Yep, the board game is a giant puzzle {6 huge pieces} you put together! So, if you're up for a half hour or so of fun you'd love this game. That said, I think you'll have to be tough skinned to play against the men-folk in this house though!

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