Friday, August 12, 2011


Laughing yet? Now imagine looking up from a school lesson and seeing that staring at you. Laughing yet? Right, now imagine looking up from a school lesson and seeing that starting at you while, without a hint of laughter, the child says, "Don't stop! I need to know more!" It's all kinda normal, and I assure you I didn't even snicker while I snapped that photo. I simply said, "Be sure to wash those off when you're done, and why are you still in your pyjamas?" I don't remember the answer to the later, but I'm pretty sure it was because he failed to deposit his clothes in the hamper in a timely fashion. When you're homeschooled you probably go to school at least once in your jammies. Don't deny it, I'm sure you have!


Tracey said...

That is funny and gross! LOL! We love pajama school. I even work in my pajamas sometimes.

Kayla said...

umm we always do school in our pjs! thats the joy of it!! we spend more money on pjs than regular clothes lol!!! that pic is fantastic :)