Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Of Fred

We've been enjoying using Life Of Fred this year, in fact it's one of the most requested items at school time! That's right, we're still working in plenty of hands on living math lessons around here. This is Morgan's core, in regards to living math, this year. Jayden's is a little different as he's not quite as interested, yet, in Fred.

Fred is a funny boxy little character in these math books. He's suppose to be 5.5 years old and all ready off to college. He's full of questions, which my child can easily relate to, and loves to make lists. Something else my child can easily relate to.

This book starts out slow and has plenty of review, for us, in the beginning. It also has some great opportunities to add to our math vocabulary pages. We don't answer all the questions on paper, some we answer orally. Others we record on school paper and file in our notebooks. All in all we're really loving this book!

You can read our full review over at The Curriculum Choice if you're interested.


Butterfly said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fred here, too. I've ordered the new set of Elementary books (Apples, Butterflies, Cats & Dogs), even though the maths is too easy, just because they look like too much fun to miss! I think we'll read them all pretty quickly, because the kids won't let me stop. Every day I watch the door step hoping for that little squarish guest to arrive!!!

Kylie said...

Kendra were you able get these in Oz?

Kendra said...

Kylie, yes I picked them up on the Aussie homeschool blog used.. or at least one of them. I might have gotten the other from the states. BUT, I do know they are floating around on the Aussie homeschool boards! :D

Butterfly, I haven't seen the lower grades and did debate them, but so far have shown great restraint in not ordering! ;)

Kylie said...

Thanks :-)

Butterfly said...

Happy dance ... they've arrived! I'll let you know how they are after a good look. I bought from their supplier, Z-Twist Books in the USA.