Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LA Notebooking Fun

To make sure we've covered all the basics with LA we're using an Aussie version of Primary Language Lessons & expanding some of those lessons in with Word Spy & Return of the Word Spy. I also snagged a fun booklet from the Scholastic $1 sale called Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love! There are all sorts of fun booklets and whatnot inside which make for some fun and easy notebooking pages for this particular subject. When we discussed is & are the boys made the helping verb pages in the picture above. A nice way to wrap up the lessons!


Kayla said...

Thats really cute!! Do you like the language lessons? I keep going back and forth on that one?? XOXO

Kendra said...

Kayla, I like the Aussie version which has no memorization or dictation, and very little to any copywork. I wanted something to be sure the kids knew the ins & outs {which they seem to} but I didn't need that extra bits. What I REALLY want is Queens, but they were going to charge me WAY too much for shipping. Alas..

I think PLL is a great buy if you want all the other things. But we use SpellingWisdom for dictation & copywork & we keep a memorization box so I just didn't need the extra bits. :D