Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homeschool Checklists For Kids

One of the things I was really looking forward to with Winter Promise was the Independent Schedule for the students. I knew this would be a good thing for Morgan in helping him become a more independent learner.

However, once it arrived I was a little disappointed in it. You see, the schedule has a little information filled out on it that applies to your WP studies and then you, the parent, fill in more of the schedule in order to allow the child to know what is fully expected over the week. No biggie I thought!

Upon closer inspection though, there were a few issues with the WP studies all ready written on the planner. For one thing it only told the child what to do in regards to notebooking pages or hands on projects. It didn't mention a single book that needed reading!!

That seemed a huge problem when the curriculum is based on literature. I get that the families read them together, but Morgan is my literal child and if that schedule didn't say "Read books xyz" He'd come up to his notebooking pages and be in total disarray about what on earth he was suppose to do with them.

I debated this problem for a while. I even considered making up an identical schedule like the WP one and adding in the books with a note to "See Mom". In fact, I actually went the length of designing the schedule and starting to fill it in, but then decided that was insanely silly considering I'd just paid a pretty penny for what I had.

I decided to search out other ideas. Encouraging Morgan to do more of his school work on his own is a big deal here. This is, after all, the same child who will officially be in highschool before long. He's not incapable of it, but he does need to know what's expected of him. He works very well with lists.

The idea of checklists has been floating around amongst a lot of homeschool Mammas lately, and I admit that while I haven't chimed in on the conversations I have listened to them. It turns out that many people make checklists and they all seem to make them very differently! I remember being handed an index card each morning with my chore and school expectations on them, & eventually even a weeks worth of assignments at a time.

A friend mentioned using Wufoo for virtual checklists. The idea was that you make this paperless checklist and your child ticks off what they've accomplished and then the info is emailed to you, the parent. I liked that idea because I knew using the computer would add appeal to the idea of checking off what he had accomplished. However, I wanted something a little different for now, all though I'm certainly considering it for later down the road!

I decided to get creative and make my own checklist for Morgan, but I got a tad fancy and used the computer instead of an index card. The upside to this is if something changes I can quickly and easily adjust it and then print out the new weeks list for him. I can also save the printed lists, once ticked off, and put them in with our homeschool journal.

Because it's a weeks worth printed on paper I was also able to grey out blocks for days he wouldn't need to check off. I figure this will help with the "confusion" factor at first. I actually had them literally blacked out, but I decided to use grey to save on ink. I go through enough around here as it is!

You can snag a blank copy of the checklist here & fill it in however you like if you want.

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mommyx12 said...

Thanks for this. I need something simple as I tend to jump into filling out schedules and checklists that are way too over the top. This will work perfect.