Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great New Books

The boys and I have been listening to the Lion Boy trilogy for the past few weeks. We love to have an audiobook going in the car and a few weeks ago while at the library I spotted Lion Boy and thought it sounded interesting. The ending left us stunned and annoyed until we realized that it was book one of a trilogy.

Without giving too much of the story away in book one you learn the Charlie, a young English/African boy, can speak cat. It all happened because of an accident involving a leopard when he was a child. You also learn he has two of the world's most amazing scientists who've created a cure for asthma!

Unfortunately, Charlie's parents are "parent-napped" & Charlie sets out to find them and bring them home. Along the way he makes friends with a small pride of lions who are living in captivity, and agrees to help them escape.

In Book Two Charlie meets King Boris & an assortment of other friends including a chameleon who can speak reptilian, cat, & even english! Charlie's adventures continue in book two as he and the lions continue on their adventures, realize they may be related to some of the people they are running from, & eventually find what they are looking for.. Or do they?

We're ever so close to the end of Book Three & it's getting harder and harder to turn the cd off and come in out of the car! I will confess that Book One is read by someone different then the other three books and we really enjoyed the many amazing accents and tones he was able to give each character. In fact his African was just too fun to listen to! Unfortunately, the other reader doesn't do as fantastic of a job, but once you adjust it's not bad at all.

Notes: In book one & two the narrator states that Charlie's father always told him not to swear because then when you choose to it would really mean something. Thus, Charlie chooses not to say something rude a few times in the book. At some point in Book One & Two Charlie does choose to swear, but whatever word he chooses is not written or mentioned. It merely says, "For the first time in his life Charlie Swore." "For the Second time in Charlie's life he swore."  Book Three mentions voodoo as a way of life for some African people, it does not describe what it is or how it's used.. unless it comes up in the remainder of the book & if it does I'll come back and edit this note.

If you haven't noticed, the boys and I really enjoy historical fiction. Have you noticed the books flying through our sidebar on the left? I've been posting pictures of the books the boys and I have been reading together, chapter books anyway.

While visiting another library in the state recently {where our cards also work} I stumbled upon Looking For Marco Polo. The title actually caught my attention because we had just finished up explorers a few weeks ago. I was intrigued that someone actually wrote a book that is meant to bring this particular explorer to life via fiction. Needless to say we brought the book home.

We finally got to reading it this evening and were quite taken with the book. In fact, we would have gladly kept reading but Mr S was starving and really needed dinner. Apparently, not getting his afternoon snack because it melted before we located him was just more then the poor man could handle..

Anyway, the book is about a young boy, Mark, who's father has gone on a six month adventure to see what living as nomad in the desert would be like. He's living with the Mongol tribes in the Gobi desert and traveling many of the same paths that Marco Polo traveled. Unfortunately, after writing home often Mark & his mother have gone for over a month with no news and decide to fly to Venice to find Mark's father.

We're hoping to spend tomorrow afternoon building domino structures {the latest past time with the boys} & reading more of this book. Jayden wasn't too eager to read it at first because he thought we were done with explorers, however I noticed I had his full attention from the moment Marco Polo's name was first mentioned in the book, and he requested we "wait for me" while he ran off to fetch a much needed drink.. you know, all of around the corner and completely in hearing distance.  I'm eager to see how this book brings the explorer to life!


Julie said...

Thanks, Kendra. These look great!

Marion said...

After reading your posts about Lion Boy I purchased the three books on cd. We listen in the car and we usually pull into our parking space just at an exciting part. But then again, most of the books are exciting parts! Anyway, while the boys are still on book 1, I have been able to listen ahead through book 3. In each of the books so far there has been one uttered "swear" word. Disappointing but hard to find books anymore that don't have them. Thanks for the suggestion of the books. They have been great fun.