Friday, August 5, 2011

Fraction Fun

We spent a lot of time concentrating just on multiplication. My momma might pass out to hear this, but I really love multiplication. I mean, I know that sounds silly but if I have to perform math I'd rather multiply then add, subtract, or even divide. I just get a really good kick out of multiplication. In fact, while I was teaching Morgan triple digit multiplication I told him that I thought multiplication was the most fun thing ever in math. He smiled, mostly out of confusion while his little brother pipped up with, "Well I don't! I think it's hard!" For the record, Jayden can answer all most all the same multiplication flash cards just as quickly as Morgan can except for the 9's. So I dunno what he's talking about.

I decided this year I wanted to focus more on fractions with Morgan. He can read a fraction easy peasy and can be turned loose in the kitchen with a recipe and follow it. {All though he can get mixed up by tsp and tbsp!} I decided that since he has such a good grasp that way and considering he can demonstrate fractions with manipulatives and so on it was time to move into some bigger fraction fun this year. So much so, it's going to be our living math lessons when we're not using our Teaching Textbooks, which means we'll do fractions 2-3 times a week.

To do this I managed to pick up Life Of Fred Fractions from a fellow homeschooling Aussie Mum and I'm so glad I did. The book is really funny and covers a lot more then math. I'm matching it up with a book I picked up from the Scholastic $1 sale: Mega Fraction Fun. The book is full of games, stories, worksheets and other fun ideas for helping learn all about fractions. The other day, purely for fun, Morgan did the pictured worksheet above. I called it a "code sheet".

To find the answer you had to solve the fractions. Personally, I found it a tad tricker then he did because trying to break down if one of those pies was 7/8 or 6/8 was a doozy! Morgan had no issues with it though and was in awe of the fact that Petal Mississippi is home of the Checker's Hall of Fame. There's a few games included in the book we can't wait to try out too!

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