Sunday, August 28, 2011

Even Funnier..

That's right, my child is wearing a Pillow Pail on top of his head. I left the room after asking the boys to start cleaning up all those scraps of paper on the floor, I told them I'd be right back to help. I came back to find only half the job done and Jayden with a cow on his head. He was actually mid chase when I grabbed him. Apparently if you bend yourself in half and run straight at your brother pretending to be an enraged bull it's quite fun... you know, until your mother finds out you haven't completed the assigned task.

And yes, these are homemade pillow pals, but don't ask me how to do it! We actually purchased some that another person made and was selling at AgFest this year. Towards the end of the day people discounted items so they didn't have to haul it all back to their car. We picked up two for less then the price of one. And no, I did not giggle or smirk while finishing of school while my child had a cow on his head, but I'm seriously thinking it would be great to have him wear this when the home Ed inspector comes around in a year. What do you think?


Tracey said...

I am starting to worry!

Kendra said...

HAHA! You know, it might help if I restocked his dress-up box so he had something to wear besides fiddlesticks up the nose and pillows on his head! ;)

The Zookeeper said...